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    For how many days maternity leave can applied?

    I am working in a private company. I have got my pregnancy report and I am going to deliver my baby within 3 months. My husband has forbidden me to go to office. So I am went to apply for maternity leave and boss asked for how much days. I have asked for 6 months. But he has rejected the application and is saying me to take a leave for 4 months. Do he have right to fire me if I once again apply for 6 months maternity leave as it will be impossible for me work after one month of delivery?

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    Re: For how many days maternity leave can applied?


    the normal maternity leave period is 6 month only.but it may be varies depending upon the companies.

    you can give a one more chance with doctors advice certificate.or

    if you have the courage to work another one more month means do work and then take 5 month leave.

    even then they not accept your request means better you can put leave after giving the letter don't wait for your boss permission.

    you can manage that problem after delivery.if not possible means better resign the job and take care you and your child.this is the more important than job.you can get another job also.

    thank you.

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    Re: For how many days maternity leave can applied?

    Dear friend....

    If you plan to take maternity leave, you must write a letter to your employer atleast 3 months before your expected date of birth.

    Normally maternity leave will be for 14 continuous weeks which may start up before 6 weeks of expected date of birth.

    if you want extend the leave period you can discuss with your boss....which will help you

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    Re: For how many days maternity leave can applied?

    Dear you can apply for maternity leave but the duration of that leave depends on the company and manager who approve the leave because some of the managers are there who does not allow for more than 3 or 4 months but some of the good and understanding managers are there in various companies allow female employees leave how long they want so your manager rejected your application of 6 months of maternity leave and you are right that you will be unable to work in office just after 1 month of delivery so you should go back to your manager and request them to give you at least 6 months of leave and try to convey that sir try to understand the situation and keep yourself once at my place then think about the situation and then approve my leaves so may be that your manager understand and take your husband to the office and both should request the manager that we want the leave for about 6 months and if you will give then we would never forget your obligation so he will allow but once you must talk to them about this

    If you think that if you request for the same again then he will fire you then you are wrong because no one can do this with any employee that employee has some personal problems and unable to come then manager can not fire you and you should remove this fear from your mind

    All the best

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    Re: For how many days maternity leave can applied?

    Normally,it is about 6 months but every organization has its own policy regarding it.But it has to be at least 3 months and if you want more you have to give an application to higher authorities.I hope it helps BEST OF LUCK

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    Re: For how many days maternity leave can applied?

    maternity leave does not have a fix duration or any other fix time limit.
    All the companies have different parameters while assigning the maternity leave. Some may offer it for a period of maximum 1 month or some may give it till 2 or 3 months.
    Therefore you should ask some senior employees of your company that what exactly you company offers
    Gud luck

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    Re: For how many days maternity leave can applied?


    The normal maternity leave is granted for 6 months.

    But it also fluctuates with the rules and regulations of the company.

    You must check in your company for many months you get maternity leave.

    You cannot have 4 months maternity leaves if it not feasible to you.

    Your boss has the right to fire you according to norms of the company.

    So you must know the criteria for your company.

    Tell your boss that atleast 6 months are necessary for maternity leave.

    He will surely understand you.

    And if your husband say you not to go to office.

    Then you must stop going to office after that day.

    You have given maternity leave application to your boss.

    So let him decide what to do.

    Tell him firmly that you will not attend office for 6 months.

    All the best

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