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    How many days does it take to get PF cash in our hand?

    I have left the previous organization before 2 months and applied for PF after 1 month of leaving the company. I have shared the entire document for PF one month back. Still now I have not received any updates. Can anybody tell me how many days it will take to get the PF cash in hand?

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    Re: How many days does it take to get PF cash in our hand?

    Dear, asker there are difference between private and public organisation while giving PF(providient fund) to their employees on retirement. In the case of a government employees if he retire he should get his Pf after all the formalities as the rule. The formalities may include1.bank clearance if the bank certifies he has no debit balance with bank. Eg: loan2.head man clearance: if he/she certifices that he has no debit balance in the organisation.Eg:canteenand there are various other clearance.after all the formalities he can avail his Pf from the treasuary office. In private sector the employees receive faster than public sector.

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    Re: How many days does it take to get PF cash in our hand?

    hi friend,
    In government jobs PF i.e. provident fund will be given only after retirement. After retirement also they have to submit all the necessary documents.

    But private companies provides facility to withdraw money any time. they can transfer PF account to their new company if they releaved from old company.

    Don't worry you will get soon your money.

    All the best!!

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    Re: How many days does it take to get PF cash in our hand?

    As per the Employee Provident fund norms an employee will get his amount deposited in his PF account with in 30 days from the date of submitting of the application. As per the employees provident fund & MP Act an employee can withdraw the amount in PF account by giving Form 10 C and 19 only after 2 months from the date of resignation of the employee and he has to give an undertaking that he is not employed in any of the company.

    Since you have submitted the application within 1 month from the date of resignation from your previous employer, you have to wait for another 1 month more.

    At first you have to check whether you have given such undertaking. If you have not given such undertaking you can give it now. Even if the application for PF withdrawal is rejected then the PF authorities has to give such intimation to the previous employee. You have to inquire about the same to your previous employer.

    After waiting for one month more if you have not got any information from the PF authorities you can very will inform the same to the PF commissioner in your area and he is bound to take necessary action.
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