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    How many causal and medical leave will be given in a normal Software company?

    Recently I joined into the Software company and I am quite not sure how the leave procedures are followed in my company and I am sure it should be more or less the same in most of the Software companies. So can you tell me how many Casual Leave ( CL ) and Medical Leave ( ML ) given as normal in software companies? Where and whom I should get the permission to take these leaves? From my Manager or directly from HR?

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    Re: How many causal and medical leave will be given in a normal Software company?

    The leave policy depence upon the company you work. It is made according to the terms, conditions and policy of the company you work.

    Normally the leave policy of a software company is as follows

    Casual Leaves-7 in an year.
    Sick Leave-7 in an year.
    Earned Leave-24 in an year.
    Maternity Leave-8 weeks ie 4 weeks before and after delivery.
    Paternity Leave-2 weeks ie 1 weeks before and after delivery.

    Those employees who are in probation, trainee and those who are appointed in an contract basis have different leave format.

    Software comes under Shops and commercial establishment Act. As per the Shops and Commercial Establishment Act there is a chapter No. IX as far as Kerala is concerned known as LEAVE. In that an employer has to give

    i. 12 days annual leaves with wages if the employee has worked for one year.
    ii. Leave with wages for a maximum period of 12 day on account of sickness.
    iii. 12 days of casual leave with wages.
    iv. Special leave of 6 days on account of sterilization operation for male employees and 14 days in the case of female employees.

    For applying for leave the permission has to be obtained either from your superior or any other person authorized by the company to grant leave for your company. The person who sanctioned the leave differed form company to company.

    Usually the leave sanctioning authority is the Senior Manager of that particular department where you work.
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    Re: How many causal and medical leave will be given in a normal Software company?


    Yes you are right, more or less in each and every software company the leave procedure and types are almost same. Basically in each company the leaves get divided in 3 categories. The categories are CL(Casual leave), SL(Sick leave or Medical Leave), EL(Earned Leave or Annual Leave). Every company defines some number of days as leaves in all categories which employees can take anytime whenever required.

    Normally company gives 7 leaves as CL, 10 leaves as SL & 16 leaves as EL. EL can vary from company to company. In most of the companies, employees get the leaves in their leave account quarterly. In the starting of the quarter CL, SL get credited to the account of each employee and EL get credited in the end of the same quarter. EL can be carry forwarded for the next year. SL can also be carry forwarded but not in all companies. CL always get lapse at the end of the financial year I.e March end. So if employee has not taken the casual leave in the entire year, then it will get lapse.

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    Re: How many causal and medical leave will be given in a normal Software company?

    hello friends...

    casual leaves in normal software company is 12 days

    medical leaves are in normal software company is 20 days with half pay( a facility exists foe employee to avail 10 full days)

    thanking you

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    Re: How many causal and medical leave will be given in a normal Software company?

    Dear Friend!

    The leave policy is little bit different in software company. Its depends on every software company. But as per my knowledge normally the leave policy of software company are..

    CL - 7 leaves in a year
    SL -7 in a year
    Earned leave

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