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    How important is a college degree in order to secure promotions in a job?

    All over lives we keep hearing about how we need to do well in college to get good marks but I have seen that once you join the job nobody asks for your degree. Does the college degree matter when you are up for promotion in a job?

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    Smile Re: How important is a college degree in order to secure promotions in a job?

    Re: How important is a college degree in order to secure promotions in a job?
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    Many people like you have this confusion and dilemma regarding this issue.
    Its good that you have come up and asked all your doubts.

    See,the institution from where you complete your studies plays a very vital role in developing you as a human being.
    Man is a social animal.
    When you study at a good college,you get high profile professor who interact with you and share their experience with you all.
    This proves to be very beneficial in the long run.
    So always keep in mind what your Guru and teachers teach you.

    But once you get into an organization as an employee,the college degree plays no role any further.
    Once you join a company,you are at the same level with that of the other employees.
    Then the fact that you have studied at a very good college no longer holds any importance,but the things that you have learnt there will help you to thrive for success in the future.

    As far as the promotions are concerned,the main criteria is your "Performance".
    If your performance has been upto the mark and consistent,then you are sure to get a promotion.

    So if you keep putting in hard work,you'll surely touch new heights!
    Always keep two things in mind-
    1) Hard work is the only ladder to success
    2) Practice makes a man perfect

    So keep practicing the disciplines that you had learnt at your college and keep working hard!


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    Re: How important is a college degree in order to secure promotions in a job?


    They ask for the division of marks.
    Means you must have first division. .
    Company many times see practical performance rather not giving importance to degree.
    But in recruitment they ask for percentage of college.
    So must give importance to college degree.
    Must not attain any degree causally as it is implied in future.


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    Re: How important is a college degree in order to secure promotions in a job?


    Firstly I would like to appreciate you for asking this excellent question.I will try my best to answer to your query.

    College degree is important,and not important at the same time.When you go for an interview your marks and degree will matter in order to fetch you a good job.When you get into the job,no one will ask about your marks nor your degree as the individuals working with you knows that you have crossed the hardle of interview on the basis of your degree and marks and also because of the fact that they also come from the same background.Degree teaches you the pillars of any subject,but the construction is completed when you work with it in practically.When you work in the practical field degree doesnot matter,it matters only as a prove that you have passed that subject and that you have knowledge on it.The degree only represents that you have knowledge on that subject.The more more the degree it is taken for granted that the more will be the knowledge of the person who has persued for it.Similarly a person having MBA is given a preference in getting promotion than a person having just a bachelors degree.

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