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    How to handle with indiscipline employees who are very good at their performance?

    We have this one employee in our organization. He is very good in his performance but very indecent in his attitude. I get lots of complain because of his undisciplined actions. How to handle such type of employees? What type of action can be taken which does not affect his performance and also improves his nature?

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    Re: How to handle with indiscipline employees who are very good at their performance?

    Its quite normal to have an odd one in a gathering and dealing with such persons are not easy, as for me. Anyways a personal meeting with the person helps in many cases, you should talk with him personally try to dig in deep on his nature you will surely find a solution. His attitude should not be controlled by force since it will hamper his performance. Appreciate his skills and performance and make him feel important and responsible this way you can make him trust you. When you gain his trust tell him as a friend that he should control himself and be nice with his co-workers, point out his weakness and let him realize how he would react if someone else does the same to him. But most importantly make him feel a sense of responsibility for the success of the company and how beneficial it will be for him in the future. This will make him a better human.

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    Re: How to handle with indiscipline employees who are very good at their performance?

    Hi friend

    All the employees should certainly learn to be more responsible at their workplace and allso behave properly other than prforming well their tasks..They should learn that good work and good manners should be given equal importance as being a good human being is much more important than doing good work to succeed in life..

    So you should teach this employee this..Rather than taking any action its better that you call him to your office and tell him that you are geting many complaints regarding his behaviour from other employees and he should try to improve his behaviour and improve himself..His work is certainly very good and you really appreciate his hard work and efforts but he also should be a little more responsible and try to improve himself as a person as well so that he can be a good human being too..

    I am sure he will consider your words and you will certainly see a change in him..Good luck

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    Re: How to handle with indiscipline employees who are very good at their performance?

    Dear sir

    Though his performance is good he should fully aware of the code of conduct/discipline.you need to confront him and tell him to stop.You may call him first and explain him clearly about his undisciplined attitude and tell him to rectify.Through your verbal warnings if he has not not shown any sign of improvement in behavior and attitude, which is totally unacceptable and amounts to in subordination and display of unprofessional behavior at this stage you may serve warning letter and ask his explanation.If he apologize and make a promise to show improvement in his behavior with a view to give him an opportunity to improve.If any occurrence of such behavior in future then he should lead to severe punishment basing on your standard company rules. Regards

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    Re: How to handle with indiscipline employees who are very good at their performance?


    As you have mentioned that the indisciplined employee is very good at his job. Being a good performer, he feels confident at the work place and gets into mischievous acts.

    Counselling is the best practice adopted by most of the organisation for such employees who are good performers but fail to stay in the limits of the code of conduct of the firms they are associated with.

    So, you can either take help of a good counsellor who can take out the actual reason for his indiscipline and guide him to channelize his extra energy and intelligence in a more constructive manner. Even, you or the quality people can do this but whoever takes up this responsibility will have to do it beautifully and in a skilled manner so that his performance does not get affected.

    In case, he does not respond positively to the counselling then a strict action can be initiated against him because discipline is an integral part of any team work.



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    Re: How to handle with indiscipline employees who are very good at their performance?

    performance,attitude and discipline are the things which are necessary for every person.If the attitude and discipline id not their then it is difficult to handle every situation.As of now they are very well in the performance but they are behaving undisciplined in the company so that it gets the bad impression on the employees.so you should say them very friendly and in a cool way so that they can understand.if they don't listen to your words their will be a great loss for them in future.
    all the best
    thank you

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