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    How to grow career in terms of Money and knowledge?

    I am working as a management trainee for more than a year , in a Transmission power project contractor company.
    currently my CTC is very Low,
    I want to Know that how should i grow my career in terms monetary as well as knowledge.
    My Qlf., Completed my PG in management (non reputed college but regular course)
    plz help me out.

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    abrocks Array
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    Re: How to grow career in terms of Money and knowledge?

    Hi..I think the best option for you would be to give your best to your work and soend as much time as required on it..Give your best efforts and do as much hard work as possible..Try to think intelligently and creatively in each aspect of your job and try to benefit your firm in some way or the other..

    Improve your knowledge by reading the latest articles related to your field of work..Go through your subjects thoroughly and also improve your practical skills..As you know "There is no substitute for hard work", give your 100 percent to your work..

    Try interacting with your seniors learning from their experience and taking tips from them on how to improve..This will certainly benefit you..

    In this way your head will take notice of your calibre and effort and certainly give you salary hike..

    Do your best and have confidence..

    Good luck

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    Re: How to grow career in terms of Money and knowledge?

    Hello Dear,

    As you have been working at low CTC more than a year. If you see your good appraisal in this company then you can go further with the same company and work hard to grow to the next position in this company. If you don't seen progress in this company, it is good to switch to other companies. You will get higher CTC than current company and it will help you grow your career as well as money. Always keep your target to the next level of position top grow.

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    Re: How to grow career in terms of Money and knowledge?

    it is very easy to grew the money and knowledge in the society...
    *first of all to make the money youcan proceed to different various ways.....
    acoording to the knowledge in the society or in the persons how are behaving ....
    when we all those things we can easy to maniplate the money what you want....

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