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    How to get rid of a colleague who keeps on sticking with me all the time inspite of me not liking him?

    I am working in a government organisation. One of my colleagues, whom I donít like at all, due to his bad nature, always keeps sticking with me during the working hours and even during the lunch time. I have hinted many times that I donít want his company but he never stops following me. How to get rid of such a person?

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    Re: How to get rid of a colleague who keeps on sticking with me all the time inspite of me not liking him?

    If your colleague is sticking with you unneccesary then you need to give him the warning for the same because its all your life and you are free to do whatever you want in your life and if anyone is interfering into the same then he or she needs to be warned first and then the action to be taken for the same.
    You can tell him that you dont want to be freind with him and also dont want any of the person to interfere in your personell life so you should always stay away of him.
    If he still sticks with you then you can do whatever you like to do with him because once you have already warned him for the same as this is not a good thing that some of the colleague try to get inside without the permission.

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    Re: How to get rid of a colleague who keeps on sticking with me all the time inspite of me not liking him?

    If you are annoyed by a person who is not liked by you and making you worried all the time in the office while working hours then you should take some right steps against him and first of all you should be strict in nature when he comes to you and make conversation for idle things because you do not like talking to him at all that is why you should keep enough distance from him and try to show that you are too busy in the work and will talk letter to him after completing work and other duties that are given to you

    He will try to talk to you then you should say strictly that dear I am really sorry but I can not talk to you at this time when I am busy in my work and I wanna complete my work very soon then only I would be able to talk to you and if you want to have conversation then find any other employee in the office and have talking as long as possible but please just do your work and let me do my work so he may understand and if you will behave rudely then also there is no problem about that because until he will not get hearted then he will not understand and take everything very easy so you have to make him serious about the status of profession

    If he does not understand you and comes you again and again then you should go to the manager without knowing by anyone that you are there for complaining and mention your query to the manager that you are not able to concentrate in work due to that one and do not say that I do not like him at all etc. and just mention that he is being hurdle in the completion of my work and I am unable to do more work for the company so manager will take right action and instruct him to do his own work in the office and you will get rid of this situation

    All the best

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    Re: How to get rid of a colleague who keeps on sticking with me all the time inspite of me not liking him?

    This situation has to be handle in a bit tricky manner. You have given hints to him that you dislike his company. Still he stuck to you just like an adhesive till now. I think the only way to get rid of him is by making gestures that will force him to stay out of you. Avoid him plainly. Make all possible gestures that will make him feel irritated or insulted. Then only he is going to stay out of you. Even if this doesnot work, then spread rumours around him, so that when he comes to know about it, he will automatically make his own way. The LAST OPTION IS TO SAY DIRECTLY ON HIS FACE THAT HIS COMPANIONSHIP IS NOT REQUIRED BY YOU.

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