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    How to get the promised salary hike from my Manager?

    Just few months back I got a salary hike which was informed by my Manager but till now I didnít get any salary with the hike. Can you please tell me what should I do now? How to approach my Manager for this? Can I write a letter or go directly to my Manager for it to talk? Please give me a good solution for this issue?

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    Re: How to get the promised salary hike from my Manager?

    Hi friend

    As your manager has promised you a salary hike i think he will surely stick to his promise and will carry out the same..It may just have slipped from his mind due to work pressure or he may have completely forgotten it..So i think its your duty to remind him so that you get your due..

    Maybe it will be better if you wait for some more time..But even if after that nothing happens in this regard then i think firstly you should write a letter to your manager regarding the same asking him that you havent got your hiked salary as promised by him and asking him when will you start getting your hiked salary..Make it polite and the leter should be formal..I am sure he will reply to you and you will get your due..

    Talk to him directly only if even after your sending him the mail nothing happens in this regard..

    Good luck and God Bless

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    Re: How to get the promised salary hike from my Manager?

    Hello Friend,

    Now This Time If You Get The Offer In The Writing Means Got The Letter (With All Information) Than That Is Proof For The Job As Well As Salary Package,
    But If Your Manager Promise You Than I Think They Provide The Salary Package Which Offer.......

    For This Just Talk With Your Manager And Tell All Think And Problem Which You Facing
    I Think They Solved Shortly...........

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    Re: How to get the promised salary hike from my Manager?

    Hello Sir...

    Here you have described that your manager had promised you a salary hike..., I may tell that he will kept his promise...
    I think he just forgot about the matter due to some reason you may remind him about his promise politely

    Do not try for another job at now,.. Wait for a while for his reply.. Surely he will do something....

    Thanking You...

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    Re: How to get the promised salary hike from my Manager?

    Hello friend.....................
    As your manager has already promissed you about salary hike.
    --In order to remind him about the salary hike you have to wait for the situation, and when he was in happy mood then remind him in polite way
    --Impress your manager with your work and when he was appreciating you, it is the best situation to remind him.
    so you can use these situations.

    All the best...........

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