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    How to gain respect as lab assistant?

    I have recently joined as a lab assistant in one of the private engineering institute. I am getting a feeling that the students are not respecting me since I am just a lab assistant. How can I get respect from the students so that I get more enthusiasm in my work?

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    Re: How to gain respect as lab assistant?

    First of all,I would like to congratulate for your new job and wish you best of luck for the upcoming tasks in your job.Respect can be achieved by two means-through your actions and through your words.So inorder to get respect from your students you should have respect for your students as well.

    First of all,remove all thoughts of students disrespecting you from your mind.Do your job properly and do no compromise in imparting the knowledge to the students.Help the students in understanding various concepts,help them in performing their experiments.Don't be too strict or too lenient.Have a friendly but discipline attitude towards the students.

    Lab is a place where theoretical ideas are implemented practically.This is quite a tough task.So you should help the students in implementing this.Be polite and talk in a disciplined manner.Even outside the class you can have interaction with the students and enrich their knowledge on the subject.Yo should always stretch your hand of cooperation towards your students if they are in the right path and also guide them.Sometimes being humorous also help to be in the good books of the students.

    You should keep on imparting good and disciplined teaching to your students and respect is bound to come.

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    Re: How to gain respect as lab assistant?

    Hi friend

    you should not think your job to be of low level or something. Try to have confidence and self belief in you and then you will notice how even your students will give you the respect thst you deserve. They will start respecting you once you start to respect yourself. I hope you are getting my point. You just do your work with full dedicationa and put all your hard work into it. Give your work your full attention and solve the queries or help any student if they want your help. I am sure your job is no less than anyone else and if you start respecting your work your students will automatically notice the change in you and thus will start looking upto you.

    Thus friend don't be ashamed of yourself and your work. Just do it with full confidence and then see the change for yourself. Nothing you do is small and always remember this to have a peacefula nd successful life.

    Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: How to gain respect as lab assistant?


    What you have mentioned is absolutely true.The moral values of the present generation students have degraded so much that they look down their teachers.You can expect hardly anything from them.If you behave with them nicely then you can expect cooperation from them.But I cannot guarantee how much respect they will be giving you.The only thing I can say is that if you help them,be nice to them,and supportive,then you can expect cooperation from them.

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    Re: How to gain respect as lab assistant?

    Dear for your kind information that "Knowledge Earns the Respect" but i am not saying that you do not have enough knowledge about the engineering laboratory, you have but still you are not being respected by the students of engineering institute so that dear to make them feel that you are a professional person in the premises and each one should respect you then you should make your image first in front of the professors and other lab in-charge officer and ask them for approval that they allow you for a short lecture in the lab when the students comes for practical in the lab and learn various attracting skills from your senior officers then give them instructions according to your knowledge and if any student gets problem in the practical then you should go to help them out and try to make them feel that you are senior and knowledge-full person in the department and you also have eligibility to teach the engineering student and dear whenever they need anything and any kind of support from you then you must help them out and you also should respect them a lot and i am sure that if you do so then they would definitely provide you the respect

    All the best

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