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    How to express grief on the death of bossí father?

    I am a senior employee in a private company. Recently our boss met with an accident and lost his father in the accident. Now his health is not alright and he is depressed and grief stricken on the expiry of his father. How should I express my grief in this issue and give him some consolation for his fast recovery to normal life?

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    Re: How to express grief on the death of bossí father?

    Hi aspirant

    It is really very kind hearted of you to think so much about your boss and care so much for him. This quality is seen in very few individuals now-a-days as most of us are so engrossed in our own lives today that we don't have any time for others. So it is very good to meet a person like you. You should definitely console your boss in this time of grief and do something so that he feels better. As this matter is very personal to him you may not be able to lessen his grief but atleast you can console him at this time.

    You should go to his house and take some flowers and fruits along with you. You should sit by his side for sometime and give him some spiritual talk. Tell him something good about his father and also that he did what he could for him during his lifetime and never left any stone unturned. You should be thankful to God that he was always happy during his lifetime. You are really sorry on this great loss of his. You hope that he will not feel depressed and try to take this in a courageous manner. You hope that he will recover soon and thus come back to work in a normal way.

    I really hope that your boss feels better due to your interaction with him and thus will to an extent, help him out. I hope your boss gets well soon. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: How to express grief on the death of bossí father?

    It is good to see you so much concerned about your boss. You can do the following.
    1. Meet your boss immediately after office hours.
    2. Take some fruits and all that which will motivate him towards life.
    3. You tell him that his father was wonderful throughout his life. He has given us his precious creation, the boss himself.
    4. His son has lot of things to do for him, his family, his company and his society hence he is saved from such an accident.
    5. It is his new life which should definitely not be wasted in sadness, sorrows, depression and grief strikened of the past.
    6. His father was great but let us show his father that we too can break his record, isn't it?
    7. Do not waste time in depression rather fulfill the dream of his father and himself too.
    8. Remind him about all employee waiting for him to join.
    9. Tell him to get well soon and get back to the chair.
    10. Finally greet him and return.
    You will see positive response next day.
    Bye take care.

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    Re: How to express grief on the death of bossí father?


    This is very sad.
    In this situation you should be very supportive and understanding.
    take a very matured approach
    Try to console him
    Try not to give any kind of work pressure on him
    Keep a friendly attitude and be supportive.

    Thank you

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