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    How is exit interview helpful to employees?

    There are exit interviews in corporate where employee is interviewed many questions regarding leaving his job. They are asked many things which specify the performance of the company. But are these kinds of interviews helpful to employees too? If yes then how?

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    Re: How is exit interview helpful to employees?


    Yes , you can say that this kind of interview helps employee too. The following point will explain your question..

    1. Exit interview shows the character of employee , and employee will have the experience of facing this kind of interview.
    2. If your exit interview is good, you will have the image of a good employer and will have good experience letter by company.
    3. Many a times it happens that people rejoin their previous company, and exit interview leaves a good image of yours, so it will help in rejoining.
    4. In corporate world, you also need some contact and if you will have a good image , you will get profit.

    Hope , you got my point.

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