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    How to deal with a stressful boss and me situation?

    About six months ago I had filed a harassment complaint against my boss and he had received flak for it. Now there is only one month left for me to leave this job and my boss is making things very difficult for me, he talks loudly to me, dumps extra work when there is none and is back mouthing me. How can I make the rest of the month easy for me?

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    Re: How to deal with a stressful boss and me situation?

    Hi friend

    The best way to deal with the behaviour of your boss is to completely ignore him and just concentrate on your work so that you can pass your time easily. If you remain absorbrd in your work then you will not even know how your time will fly away. Otherwise you will always be thinking only about your boss and how he is making your life hell. Jus tgive him a royal ignore and he will himself learn his lesson.

    Such things are bound to happen if you and your boss are at loggerheads due to some issues in the past. So now you should have patience as only 1 month is left for you in this company. Just fight courageously with this situation and I am sure you will come out as a winner.

    Good luck friend. Hoping you have a bright future. Thanks

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    Re: How to deal with a stressful boss and me situation?


    Indeed this month will be challenging for you,as your boss will try to utilise every little scope so that he can harass you.You have to tolerate it for a few more weeks.He will try to create all sort of discomfort for you,you just give a damn.If he finds that you are not reacting then his anger will reach extreme within himself only.Dont open your mouth or get yourself involved in any sort of argument with him.1 month is nothing,it will pass by in the wink of an eye.

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