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    How to deal with the extreme irregularity of a staff?

    I am a project manager in an IT company. I am given with project to be completed by the company within a stipulated time. I have divided the work among the staff under me. Now I am facing lot of problems due to the irregularity of a staff. He is quite irregular in the tasks assigned to him and comes up with one or the other excuses. What step should I take about him?If I report to higher authority,he may get into great trouble with his job.What should I do?

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    Re: How to deal with the extreme irregularity of a staff?

    Hi buddy

    It is really good of you that you are giving thought to the job of one your staff members that he may lose it if you complain to the higher officials. Today most of the people are selfish and only think about their own gains. But you are a very good person indeed to be giving a thought to others as well.

    I hope that staff member was also like you so that he could have thought about the trouble you are facing due to his bad habits. You call him in lunch time and directly talk to him with regard to this matter. Tell him that your team is required to complete this task within a certain time limit. Because of his irregularity you are facing a lot of problem. Tell him to improve his habits soon otherwise you will be forced to report to the higher authorities.

    I am sure he will understand and obey you due to the fear of losing his job and be regular from then onwards. Good luck . Hope you succeed.

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