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    How to deal with bad luck in life?

    I am B.Tech in ECE. I have been looking for a job for the last 2 months. Now finally I got a call for an interview which was to be held day after tomorrow. But just yesterday they shifted the date to the 1st of next month. Now I have a feeling that this is all due to my bad luck.How to deal with such a situation in life? Also give me some tips to get a job for myself.

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    Re: How to deal with bad luck in life?

    Hi friend

    You should be positive in life and not think at all about such things like bad luck. Life is not a Bed of roses and everyone knows that. So you will face many such difficult situations in life where things will not be going as you want them to be, thus you should deal with such situations bravely and not just blame everything on your bad luck. Rather be positive and always think that sometimes something positive is definitely going to happen to you.

    Its really sad that you did not get a job for the last 2 months and now that you got a call for the interview, it has also been postponed. But don't worry friend. Rather than thinking negative you should be positive and believe that it has happened for your good and that now you can even prepare more and better for your interview. Revise your basics in the meanwhile and brush them up. Also read more current topics like population explosion , female feticide, poverty and also keep a track of all the latest happenings in our country.

    Also in the meanwhile keep looking for other jobs through newspapers, television and another important and recent source i.e. the internet through various web portals like naukri.com, monster.com etc. Also search through various magazines. They are also a good source for jobs now-a-days. Then make your resume as impressive as possible and also get it made , preferably from a professional resume maker. This will certainly make a good first impression on your interviewer and will increase your prospects of getting the job.

    So I hope you understand my point friend and will not think negative from now on. Put your 100% into searching your job and I am sure you will definitely get a good job according to your calibre. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: How to deal with bad luck in life?

    hi friend..

    i think you are just confused in your mind.... the thing that are happening to your life which are bad you are calling it as bad luck.
    its just the reflection of your past, do not get much worried about bad luck and all.. put your heart and soul to the thing.. that you will get surely.
    do not think in any negative way... be 100% confident about yourself everything will be just playing game...

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    Re: How to deal with bad luck in life?

    Hello ,
    Firstly you should get over the fact that your luck is bad
    . There is nothing called "LUCK" . The luck favours the brave .
    You have a B TECH with electronics background which is a fairly tough stream . you should see that you have the potential
    of excelling rather than wasting your time in cursing your luck and other factors which you have no command upon .

    Take positives from the past . If you dint get a placement for long , it just shows that now you need to work differently -- NOT that
    you have bad luck or things like that .

    • Fill your self with positive thoughts and energy . Motivate yourself towards your goal .

    • Have the confidence that you will pull it off the next time .

    See , you have an extended time which you can utilise in a much better way rather than crib about luck factors .

    • Revise topics that you are not confortable in , make a impressive RESUME .

    • You can do some courses in electronics / digital field or any field which interests you . It reflects good on your CV .

    • Finally , refer to magazines , paper or even the internet for new job openings .

    • You can visit company pool campass which takes place very often in various cities for major companies .

    There are lot of oppertunities , just be positive and be ready to grab them

    Thank you !

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