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    How to create vendor management policy for the software company?

    I am working in MNC Company as a training coordinator. We outsource trainers for our internal training. We have lots of vendor in contact. My manager has told us to prepare vendor management policy so that the same can be shared to vendors and also for internal purpose. Please help in creating this vendor management policy for Software Company.

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    Re: How to create vendor management policy for the software company?

    For creating a vendor management policy you need to see following points first.
    You can create you policy according to these things only.

    --First most importent things is buyers readily pay 3rd party consultants to
    guide their software vendor selection
    --while vendors readily pay these same consultants to promote their solutions
    over competitors.
    --Vendors show buyers biased software TCO information that they present as
    --And it works because buyers frequently forget that deployment decisions, not
    the product, really drive project cost.

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