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    How to counsel about sexual harassment?

    One of our female worker was recently a victim of eve teasing from some people from other department. We have taken strict action against the guys but we need to counsel the lady also. My coworker says we should tell her not to go out alone and not to stay in office late. I think this is the cowards way out. I think we should tell her to be more aware but not scared. Which one of us is correct?

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    Re: How to counsel about sexual harassment?

    Dear your suggestions are good to her but counsel her is most important because she is a female worker and you do not know that what she feels when got eve teased that is why you both should go to her and tell her that you do not need to afraid of because we are with you and if you are on higher authority then you should help her to complaining about this problem to the general manager of your company because only they can take a good action against this but do not go behind when she go to the general manager to complain about that day and you also should go with her and tell her that do not go in that area where cowards are living because if she wish then also may not do anything that is why the better way is that to save yourself and do not stay for a long time in office after 5 PM and make her understand that you all will support her and taking action against those boys

    All the best

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    Re: How to counsel about sexual harassment?


    I agree with you that proper counselling will help this lady to come out of her fear .When any mishap of this type takes place,it is seen that the victim starts feeling guilty that she is some where or the other responsible for the mishap.This guilt feeling forces her to get into depression and trauma.Dont react regarding this issue in front of her,be normal as much as possible.Mean while consult with a goo psychiatrist and take her for counselling.Doctor can analyse her state of mind and can help her to get out of this state of mind effectively.Be there to protect her,but dont do anything that might hamper her confidence.

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