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    How to convey wish if there are more than one HR present in HR Interview?

    hello sir ...
    In HR interview...
    when i enter into interview room,,i can say good morning or evening to the HR if only one HR person is available right??
    If more than One Or More HR is there means... then how can i convey my wish to all??? is it same...

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    Re: How to convey wish if there are more than one HR present in HR Interview?

    Dear if you want to convey your wish to all the experts of the panel of interview then you should make your language according to that because one is enough and we can say good morning sir or ma'am etc. but if we find more than 2 persons while facing interview process then it makes us frustrated that what should we say to them about this wish because we wants to wish all so this makes worried but do not worry because there are various sentences to say hello and good morning to all

    When you enter in the room then before you should make it sure that you are formally dressed and having official color of cloths and your shoes should be new and official and must be matching with dress that you wear and your hair style etc. should be good and official then you have to get practiced well before facing interview process because if you will practice and generate new skills in yourself for betterment then you will not have any more problem so that do that

    When you enter in the room then see that how many people are there sitting and waiting for your turn then you should say - Good Morning Sir to all so if you will use all then this will be for all those officers sitting there and if you say good morning by looking only one person then that would be for one and when you appear then you should look at all the officers are there and keep good eye contact with all officers who are there to take your interview and you will see that they are positive about your views and knowledge and that will give you the job and when you leave that interview hall then also say - Thank you very much sir and Thanks a lot to all of you so this will be positive in their views and you will be welcomed for job

    All the best

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