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    How can I stay calm in the interview?

    This is a major problem for me and because I am nervous in the interview I speak something and I never use to get the job at all. So can you please give me the needed tips which I can follow to stay calm in the interview? What all I should do for that? Can you please provide me your experience on this?

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    Re: How can I stay calm in the interview?

    Facing an interview has always been a nightmare, be it for a fresher or be it for somebody who has already faced many. Staying calm and confident while in an interview can be the key to sucess. The following points can definitely help you:
    1. Keeping calm is a habit that you need to develop not just for an interview but for any stressful situation. Adequate measures should be taken by you to overcome this stress and make sure that keep calm becomes a part of your life. For this yoga, meditation and walk can be helpful. If you develop this virtue of keeping calm always then facing an interview will be a cake walk for you. But this is an advice for you in the long run.
    2. For short term, you can prepare well for questions like, "Tell me about yourself" and "What are your strengths and weaknesses?". These questions are a favourite among the interview panel and if you are well prepared with these questions before hand then I feel you will definitely be able to maintain your calm before and during the interview.
    3. It is also advised to do your homework about the company and gain knowledge about it before you go for the interview. Questions like "What do you know about us?" can be asked from you and it always gives a good impression if you are well versed with the developments in the company.
    4. You should also be well aware of the job description of the post that you are applying for. This makes the interviewer feel that you are very interested in the job.
    5. Also work hard towards building a good resume. You resume should be in sync with the qualities mentioned in the job description.

    In my opinion, if you are well prepared with all the above points then you would feel confident and when you are feeling confident about something you tend to maintain your calm. So a little planning before hand is always good. All the best.
    Thank you..

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    Re: How can I stay calm in the interview?

    Hello Guest !!
    nice to hear from you that you have realised your weak point that is you are not able to tackle your interview with confident.
    since you have realised than now it has become easier for you to overcome your weak point beacause many people yet dont know what are their weak point and
    kepps on moving in dark path only just by guessing.
    Actually getting nervous is common in every one because it is natural phenomena.you cant remove this phenomena but can reduce it and day by day it will be vanished.
    for this you should do following things as what i have did to overcome it,
    **** but let me tell you the fact that today also i get nervous when i stand among the crowd of 100s even though i have spoke in front of 1000s peoples,engineering college directors,chairpersons etc...

    this is because i assume that there are alll peoples who will listen my words but let me tell you that only few peoples listen what you say..
    so just target the vip people not all the audience.this trick i have used and spoke well in Workshop organised.
    1. be cool and calm during speaking.
    2. just target the vip person, not all the audience
    3. think you are speaking in front of 5-10 maybe there are 1000s of people.

    just try it out and let me know your performance...
    best of luck for your next interview...
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: How can I stay calm in the interview?

    Hi. Staying calm and composed is very essential for any candidate who appears in any interview..In order to make a good and lasting impression on your interviewer, its always good to be calm and not be nervous at all..As you know nervousness is your Biggest enemy in the interview and can lead to disastrous consequences..Due to nervousness, as you have experienced, you may say something which may go against you and you end up being rejected in the intereview..So you have to control your nerves to succeed in your interview..

    Firstly you can try some breathing and meditation exercises which will certainly help you to get over your nervousness..But actually truely speaking getting over this kind of nervousness is a gradual process and it takes a lot of time..This habit or nervousnes as a part of your nature develops during your childhood and so it cant go away immediately and will require time..But you should not worry and disheartened by this..As i told try to do some breathing exercises daily which will release your tension..Also meditate regularly..

    Also having confidence also helps in easing your nerves..So whatever you have prepared have confidence in yourself that whatever you have prepared you will certainly be able to answer it when asked in the interview..If you lack confidence you will certainly be nervous..

    Do some mock interviews in front of some experienced people or in coaching institutes before going to the actual interview..This will certainly help to decrease your nervous as you will already have some idea about the interview..

    Take proper coaching and prepare well..Good luck

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    Re: How can I stay calm in the interview?

    * Do not get nervous in the interview...!!

    * Its quite often many people tend to be nervous in an interview...

    * If you get nervous, your confidence level will decrease enormously....!

    * So that it will even lead to failure in the interview....!!

    * I will give you some tips to be calm and avoid nervousness and tension in the interview...!!

    * First of all, be to the place atleast half and an hour before....

    * Encourage yourself first and be confident of you ....!!

    * To get confidence, you should have prepared well to face the interview questions..!

    * Improve your English communication skill...

    * Speak English boldly and fluently enhances your skills and builds up greater confidence in you....!

    * Do attend more no. of Mock interview before you appear....!

    * Be well prepared in the common questions like

    -> Tell me about yourself...

    -> Your hobbies and interests..

    -> Why do you prefer this job and what package you are expecting, etc....!

    * Have a ready made answer for these like questions so that you can answer them well and good...

    * Be honest, sincere and true to them...!

    * They would test only your strengths...Even tell your weakness in a positive manner if asked...! That is your strengths are the weaknesses too in that way....!!

    * Practice yourself before the mirror...!

    * Do well ...All the best.. Hope you will get the job surely in next interview... Inform us too.. Dont forget...!!!

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    Re: How can I stay calm in the interview?

    Arrive early. Very early. Everyone knows you should be a few minutes early for your job interview. But if you're easily disturbed by stressful situations, you should strive to arrive about thirty minutes early. Sit in your car or a nearby coffee shop, and use the time to relax. Then head to the restroom to check your clothes and overall appearance. If you feel confident and secure, you'll be less likely to succumb to your nerves.

    Smile! Smiling makes us seem friendly and confident - even if we don't feel it! And studies have found that even forcing a smile will make us feel a little bit happier. When you portray confidence, the interviewer will treat you with respect, which makes it easier to relax your nerves. So smile confidently when you greet the interviewer.

    Take a moment to answer. Before you answer any questions, take just one moment to inhale a deep breath and give the question some quick thought. It may seem like an eternity has passed, but it will only be one or two seconds - and your pause will seem like a natural, thoughtful pause. Moreover, the deep breath will help calm you, and preparing the answer in your mind means you'll be less nervous when you speak.

    Look at the interviewer's face. If meeting the interviewer's eyes makes you nervous, then start at the spot right between his/her eyebrows. (Avoid staring at noses and mouths, however. Since they're below the eyes, most of us can tell when someone is looking at those parts of our bodies.)

    Relax your body. Is there a lull in the conversation? Use that opportunity to assess your body. Are you rigid and tight? Are your muscles clenched? A tightly clenched body will feel tense and stressed. If your muscles are rigid, relax your muscles as much as possible (without slumping in your chair). You'll feel - and appear - more comfortable and confident.

    It's not unusual to feel nervous during a job interview. But follow these basic stress-relieving techniques, and you'll be less likely to feel anxiety during the event. Just remember: the interviewer already knows you're nervous. There's no need to advertise the fact with tense muscles, rambling speech and a lack of eye contact.

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    Re: How can I stay calm in the interview?

    hello friends..

    @Interview is nothing conversations between two peopels

    @do not be nervous and do not be panic

    @be confident on interview

    @tell what ever it may be right or wrong

    @they test your skills not the answer so tell it was perfect accuracy

    @with good pronunciation

    @before going to interview practice with your friends

    @ try to overcome the your mistake at interview

    all the best

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    Re: How can I stay calm in the interview?


    Before you attend any interview first of all learn how to be calm and avoid getting nervous.

    Once you get control over your nervousness you will be able to handle the interviews well and you can able to crack it as well.

    -->>So be confident

    -->>Believe in yourself

    -->>So start working on it.Face the situation confidently.

    -->>Take the fear out of you. Be calm.

    -->>Whenever any question is asked be calm,think before you answer.Be clear and confident in your answer.

    Thank you

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    Re: How can I stay calm in the interview?

    hello friend
    important tips for stay calm in interview is:
    * stay calm before you interview.
    * reviese again and again before your interview it really helps you.
    * be honest not to be nervous in your inteview.
    thank you hopes you like my suggestion

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