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    How can I earn by opening a website?

    I have recently opened a website concerning the various courses and the colleges according to the national ranks suitable for the courses. I see numerous websites earning money. So I want to know how can I earn money through my website.

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: How can I earn by opening a website?


    You have to make your website attractive to that many people visit it. In this way
    your website will gain popularity among people. Now, you can start using various
    advertisements to earn money. The best option for you would be to use Google
    adsense. Slowly but steadily you will be able to generate money.


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    email4gau Array
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    Re: How can I earn by opening a website?

    u must first attract the viewers to your site by promoting it with the help of ads.. (viz: google adsense)
    ur site must have sufficient information so that the viewers search ends at your site..
    ur site must contain enough clicking options so that time can be spent on ur site... more time more money..
    make paid survey and polls options..
    ur url must be simple and small..
    try organising discussions between various viewers so that more time is spent by them on ur site..
    prepare banners and post it on web..
    good marketing is necessary ...
    try collecting sponsors from various colleges..
    prepare different ebooks describing information about various colleges..
    pop ups ..
    this was something frm my side ..
    i hope it will help u..

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    hggg Array
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    Re: How can I earn by opening a website?


    First of all you should make your website very attractive to the viewers.
    Your site should have sufficient and clear information.
    If you use google adsense you can get more popularity.
    Try to attract different college and give advertisements about those colleges in your site so that you can earn more money.

    all the best

    thank you

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    aman Array
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    Re: How can I earn by opening a website?

    See the money involved in websites is based on the number of clicks you have or internet traffic you get. More the clicks you will have more is the chances of earning good money. So the thing you must have to look upon while maintaining a website is the number of clicks you are getting. And for getting good traffic you must have good content on your website, that is your website content must be such that that it attracts maximum users. Some of things that you must keep in mind for it is that your information must be accurate and informative, more is the credibility of your information more is the chances of making your site successful. Your information must not be just copy pasted from other sites as this will not create good impression about your site.

    The information you provide must be easy to access and understand. You have to innovative with the design and format of your site for getting much attraction. You can also put links of your site on other better or famous platforms where you can gain the attraction of users. Once you are able to get a good response various advertisers will automatically put there ads on your site like through adsense and you will be able to gain money through your site. It is not as easy task as it looks as you have to be updated about your content and have to work hard on exclusiveness of your content.

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    Amit Ahuja Array
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    Re: How can I earn by opening a website?

    Before Doing Any thing you must first Read an PDF of Google Guides,
    There is an explanation of how to build your Website more attractive and work efficiently
    Try to link more pages on your pages,Everyone wants information for what they ask ,If your website have these information then Your website will automatically become popular,
    Once it become popular, You start to good earning.
    Good luck.

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    senorita Array
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    Re: How can I earn by opening a website?

    Hello ,

    The best possible to earn money is that you have to promote your webpage in every corner of website that people use every day as for example : Google , Facebook ,

    Wikipedia etc.. these are the site that people visit regularly so seeing your attractive page people surely will get influence and join your webpage .

    Or you can do one thing is that joining , EALP forum page , you can also earn money as i am getting while solving your questions , so you can register your self in our forum

    and earn money monthly .


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    hardick Array
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    Re: How can I earn by opening a website?

    There are many ways by which you can earn heavily , but make sure that you need to be involved in that very enthusiastically because once you loose interest in doing the things and stops the work in between then nothing you will earn and loose everything.
    There are two types of websites you can opt for
    -PAID websites
    You need to pay for the website which you want to open . As domains are given by paying for that and after that you can also register for the google adsense to place adds on your website.
    Make sure ads can only be placed when there is a huge traffic on your website.
    To make the traffic on your site you need to use the original content not the copy paste of other websites.
    After that you need to use the search engine optimisation so that your wesite will comes up in the google search.
    When there will be 1000 clicks then you will getsome dillars for that, so it there is hugetraffic then you will start to get the payment through cheque or by paypal account.
    You can also earn by writing blogs through the websites and write blogs in it.
    Just follow the same procedure if you want to earn in a good way.

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    saurav bharti Array
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    Re: How can I earn by opening a website?

    hello friend,
    To earn money from your website you have to do some things
    1st and foremost thing is that ranking of your website should be good.
    Ranking of website is directly proportional to the number of users visiting it.
    So to increase number of users you should be creative and should provide correct and enough information so that if any 1 user visits your website he gets satisfied and may promote it to his friends, family members so that they could also use it.
    When your website ranking goes high then through yahoo or google adsense you could get advertisements for your website.
    More the number of user for your site, more would be clicks on advertisements and more will you earn.

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