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    How can I claim for error amount?

    I was promised to pay the asked salary of 15000 when I joined that on my completion of P.B period my salary will be increased from 13000 to 15000.But its been a year no payment for error amount has been made. What shall I do?

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    Re: How can I claim for error amount?

    It is the usual tactics by some of the employers who promises the employee to pay higher salary after completing probation.

    But normally they don't give it after the probation period is over. When the employee goes and ask then the employer will say

    that your service is not satisfactory even though your service may be satisfactory to the management. For getting the promised

    amount you have to fight for it. There is a Phrase that CRYING CHILD WILL ONLY GET MILK.

    Like that you will only get the increment if you fight for it.

    You try to meet the decision making authority personalty about the same and request him to pay the promised salary. You

    should make him understand that you have worked for the establishment atmost sincerity and at most care. Even then they

    are not willing for the same you can very will send a resignation letter if you relay do not want to continue there. In my opinion

    they will surely call you back if they are satisfied with your work and efforts.

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    Re: How can I claim for error amount?

    Hi friend,

    It is possible to claim the error amount.For this you need to implement the below method.

    Basically this amount will deducted unfortunately.

    ---> When ever deducted the amount immediately write a letter regarding amount deducted extra.
    ---> And submit this letter to the head office or to the manager.
    ---> This money will not credit shortly.it will take some time.
    ---> Probably all error amounts will credit along with next month salary.

    So,when ever you deducted the amount immediately give complaint letter regarding error amount to hear office.

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