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    How can create an online store to sell various items?

    I am a businessman having businesses of many items. Now I want to create an online store so that people get a common platform of variety of items and can buy them as per their choice while sitting at their home. How can I achieve this goal of mine?

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    Re: How can create an online store to sell various items?

    It is a good idea for your business as you can reach to maximum customers as possible.

    For starting an online store you will first need to design a website for your self .

    This can be achieved easily by contacting to a website developing agency, they will design a website for you as per your requirements.

    They will do all the tasks from getting a domain to the final website for you.

    But for that you will first need all the data's for the website to provide to the website developers like the items you want to sell online, there respective prices


    You will also need to design the channel that you will follow like the way you will deliver the product, charges if taken of delivery, payment of items you will

    receive etc. as per your business policy and costing.

    After you had decided all these things than the last thing after the website development is its marketing that is you will need that people must know about your


    Depending on your business type like if it is only for that particular place than you can market through news papers and if its bigger like on national level than

    you can use the television media.

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    Re: How can create an online store to sell various items?

    hello friend
    what you have to do is that start talking to your cyber consultant because these are can be help you start a business online and sold you items in the online and clear this start talking to the courier because all the items which you are selling in the online will be collect the consumer by the help of the courier so it is very important that you will be talk to the couriers agency.
    all the best

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