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    How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    I am a workaholic person and have extreme passion for my work. My personal life is disturbing because of this. Give me some tips how to balance both of them for a good and stress free life?

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    Tips to balance Professional life and Personal life









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    Smile Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?


    _)_It is Actually very Tough To Balance your Work + Personal Life_)_

    _)_Here Some of the Tips to Balance_)_

    • Schedule Time For Your Family at your Busy Plan,

    • Avoid certain things which makes your Time No Value,

    • Rethink your Errands,

    • Make a Plan of Exercise Follow up Just Keep Moving,

    • Ensure your Relax which Lasts Long way with your Family.


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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    This is the most easy and as well as difficult things to do. For make this thin easier just try to decide ur working hours means 8hrs or10 hrs and fixed on it. Family wants ur time so in ur busy sheduld try to give a single call of hello,they will understand ur love for them and explain them ur work so they cn also understand ur things. Compulsory give time on ur holiday try to awoide going on sunday working.

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    You can balance between your work and personal life without affecting one.
    What you need to do is to have a clear idea of what you need to do and write them in your diary.
    If you do so then you will be psychologically driven by what you wrote.
    If you are living with your family then you can go out on the weekends and have some fun.
    Go to cinema, shopping, beach or other entertaining places with your friends and family.
    At work placed also there is no need to be a strict worker, you can have friends there and hang out with them.
    However your work is important as your are workaholic I think you will take care of your work

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    Exclamation Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    %% HI %%

    %% Tips for you %%

    %_% As a passionate person,you should balance both professional and personal life %_%

    Do the profession work on time so that you can leave office on time %_%

    Be in office on time and before that make a plan by yourself like 'what you gonna do today and how long it will take' %_%

    Then do it as per your plan so that you can the tension %_%

    Whatever you had tension in office,don't keep that in mind when you are with your family %_%

    Mingling with the family and spending hours with them will let you away from tension %_%

    %% Thank you %%

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    Arrow Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    Hi ,

    Balancing professional and personal life is difficult task. Some tips which might help you :

    1. Organise and plan your work accordingly.

    2. Be a smart worker than a hard worker.

    3. You can avoid doing overtimes at office unless and until its required.

    4. Try to spend atleast half-an-hour with your family members everyday.

    5. Atleast have dinner along with your family members at nights which makes a difference.

    6. Make your weekends memorable by going outing ,movie etc.

    7. Do hang out yearly once for vacation with your family members .It might be a stress buster to you as well .

    The feeling of being oneness is great.
    Best wishes.

    Thanks !!!

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    hello friend,

    =>The professional life is totally different from our personal life

    =>You need to take both choices if you want to do good in both terms

    =>Try to give more time to your personal life spend more time with your friends and family

    =>It has been seen that bcoz of work pressure employees gets more tensed and with them everyone is getting tensed

    =>You need to understand the aspects of life between both professional and personal

    =>Try to create more friendly environment between your friends and family

    =>Always try to finish your projects or office work in time else it may lead to give you more headache

    Thank You!

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?


    After you have a family you have to think about them as well you cant just keep on working. You are saying you are workaholic it good that you are so dedicated towards your work but you have a family now and you have to compromise something in your life.

    Try and spend a little more time with your family.

    On weekends dont think of work instead just be with your family and give them your company.

    Take some holidays and go for long trips once in a while to freshup the relationship as well as your mind.

    A tired mind cant work really well isnt it?? that is why its better to take some rest and enjoy so that you can do your job properly.

    Make sure you call atleast 2 to 3 times a day and speak with you family and if you are married then with your wife . It makes them feel that they are important and it makes them happy

    I believe family is everything not even my work can stand between me and my family.

    Give a little bit more importance to your family and your job will automatically get better and better.


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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    Hai friends
    the comparison of the professional life and the personal life is different

    and having a lot of difference ,try to keep them in limit's

    the balancing is important according to the professional life and personal life

    don't think to earn the money more

    be in your limit and work according to your usage

    don't be hard worker ,try to be an smarter worker

    come to home early and take the family members to out side view

    try to get in the morning and go for the walk or yoga ,it helps you a lot as per your health and also the freeness in the home

    don't show your work angriness in the home

    hope this information helps you

    good luck

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    see this is very bad that your personal life is effecting because of your profesional life...
    don't mix your both the lifes...
    if you are in home don't carry your office problem to your home...
    but if you are in office you give your whole time to your work...
    then it will be very easy..

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    Hi. You should begin your day with yoga/meditation. It will keep you energised and focussed throughout the day.

    If you dont pay attention to your personal life you will lose the love and care of your family. This will make you an unsatisfied individual and sooner or later you will not be able to concentrate on your work due to emotional probllems.

    When you come back home from work forget all your tensions and worries of your workplace and spend time with your family.

    You should concentrate on what you are doing at the moment rather than diverting your mind towards other things.

    Best of luck. Thanks

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?


    Its really good that you are a workaholic person and you are passionate about your work but you must be knowing that excess of everything is bad.
    If you work continously and forget everything then it will badly affect your personal life
    Work is not everything.
    you need to get a life.
    If you want to maintain a good and healthy life then you should make a balance between your personal life and professional life.
    Work and give all your attention to your work at office hour.
    but when you are home , give all your time to them, Spend time with them.
    Share your feelings and discuss your problems and ask for opinion.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Plan an outing with your family.
    Socialize with people.
    visit your friends and relatives.
    Celebrate your life.

    Thank you

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    You can balance between your work and private life while not moving one.
    What you would like to try and do is to possess a transparent plan of what you would like to try and do and write them in your diary.
    If you are doing thus then you'll be psychologically driven by what you wrote.
    If you're living along with your family then you'll be able to withdraw on the weekends and have some fun.
    attend cinema, shopping, beach or different fun places along with your friends and family.
    At work placed conjointly there's no ought to be a strict employee, you'll be able to have friends there and hang around with them.
    but your work is vital as your square measure compulsive i feel you'll pay attention of your work

    You square measure language you're compulsive it smart that you simply are thus dedicated towards your work however you've got a family currently and you've got to compromise one thing in your life.

    attempt to pay alittle longer along with your family.

    On weekends dont think about work instead simply be along with your family and provides them your company.

    Take some holidays and opt for long journeys once during a whereas to recent up the link yet as your mind.

    A tired mind cant work very well isnt it?? that's why its higher to require some rest and revel in so you'll be able to do your job properly.

    certify you get in least two to three times daily and speak with you family and if you're married then along with your married person . It makes them feel that they're vital and it makes them happy

    i think family is everything not even my work will stand between American state and my family.

    provides a little a lot of importance to your family and your job can mechanically get higher and better.

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    We've all faced, are facing or bound to face this predicament at some point or the other. Things move far too fast in the hustle bustle of today's world and you can often be left feeling as though you hardly have any time for your family, friends and leisure time with incessant work commitments, not to mention any time for yourself. For a while, you won't let it get the better of you but trust us, everything catches up on you in the end.

    Taking all these things into account, we drew up a list of tips we felt might help you strike a finer balance between your personal and professional life. If you choose to apply them in your own life, we guarantee they'll leave you feeling happier, healthier and better rested too.

    Without further ado, here they are.


    Before you begin your journey down this path, it's important to identify exactly where your life is out of balance in the first place. Perhaps you're spending far too much time at work and your family time is suffering or perhaps it's the other way around. Either way, it's only once you've given yourself enough time to figure this out that you can really create your plan of attack.


    You'd be a fool if you hadn't seen this one coming and yes, it's most certainly the key to this entire exercise. You have to be able to put the things which are more important to you above the others. There's no need to vocalise these priorities to anyone else in your life but it's important to have them sorted out in your own head so you know what needs more timework life or personal life. And there's no right or wrong hereno matter what anyone tells you. Just make sure you make this decision with your heart.
    Basically, at the end of the day you need to be able to be realistic about what needs to be done first.

    Make Lists And Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

    Being organised can help you a great deal in this scenario. Try to make a list every morning with your cup of coffee which will include both your professional and personal commitments. The latter could include something as seemingly inane as a 'will talk to *insert wife/girlfriend name here* for 20 minutes on the phone today.'

    Once you've made the list number them according to priority and tackle them accordingly. It will make the entire process seem much less complicated and you'll get a lot more done. This will also help you in refraining from multi-tasking and tackling things one at a time instead. No matter what other people tell you, this is the only way to get things done well. Or at all.

    Leave Things Behind

    Now this is the step most people find impossible to master but it's vital that you leave your personal life at home when you go to work and vice-versa. Or you'll basically never be able to focus on or enjoy either entirely. Force yourself to do the same for a little while and we promise it'll only get easier.


    Stop being a martyr and taking everything on yourself. Learn how to trust other people and delegate both in your professional and personal life though the former is more important with respect to this point. Allowing other people to help you will only increase your downtime which you can then effectively use to satisfy the other part of your life.

    Learn How To Say 'No'

    We're definitely going to have to write a whole other tips article on this one but learning how to say no is an art you have to attempt to master. Often in our need to please others we say 'yes' to things we really wouldn't want to do; leaving us with little or no time to take care of our own priorities.

    If you want to achieve a good balance, say 'no' when it's necessary. It will make all the difference.

    Alone Time

    And finally, don't forget about yourself! It's impossible for you to do any of this unless you're scheduling a little time for yourself amidst all this hectic running around between your two lives. It could be something as simple as reading a book or taking a walk in the park.

    Either way, just because we saved this point for the last don't assume it's the least important. Quite the contrary actually. After all, if you're not content and happy withyourself, you won't be giving your all to either your professional or your personal life.

    That's all we have for now, best of luck in striking your balance.

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?


    If you want to balance your personal as well as your professional life then you have to do certain things which i have piled up below for you :-

    1. Never bring your office work to home
    2. Spend some quality time with your family members too
    3. Exercise daily to remove the stress
    4. Make a time table and work according to it to manage your time perfectly
    5. Do not overburden yourself to get praise from the boss and the effects can be reversed also.
    6. Never skip your food.
    7. Instead of hard worker be a smart worker.
    8. Plan something exciting for you and your family. This will make them happy
    9. Never pressurize yourself so much. Do as per your capacity
    10. Always try to call your family members and ask for their problems and try to solve them asap

    Hope it will help you


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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    Hello friend,
    from your question it self it shows how much concerned to make a balance with personal and professional life these are the ways you can adopt
    1-after you come out of the comapny dont discuss your work with your family.
    2-dont stay let in office apart from your working hour.
    3-dont took up the night or after noon shift which you will return late to home this wont give you more time to interact.
    4-dont take up any work in weekoff.
    5-try to have atleast one meal with your all family members probably dinner.
    6-take them out for dinner or movie or to any place in weekends.
    7- talk to them freely dont get annoyed.
    8-bring present for them.
    9-celebrate every festival at home with them.
    10-help your children with their study and wife in house hold work.
    all these thing will bring you closer to them and you will have a balance life.
    Thank You.

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    hi friend,,,
    it is very common thing that happens usually with the people who are devoted to their work.
    but you should understand that you have so many responsibilities along with your work like your family.
    so,make a difference between your personal and professional life so that you can enjoy both.
    for doing same,you should complete your work in the office in the given time so that at home you can spent your time with your family.
    this tip will surely help you.
    thank you !!!

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    This is one of the biggest problems of most of the professionals especially the ones who are tied up with the private sector companies.The world has paced up a lot and new and new challenges are to be faced everyday and that too they have to be quickly solved to sustain oneself in this rat race.The work pressure has increased a lot since the clients and the customers are demanding quicker and quicker services.They want their work to get accomplished as fast as possible.

    Hence the competition has also increased a lot.Any professional organization who fails to provide a quicker and better solution is sure to lag behind.Nobody is ready to give even an inch of the ground to the other organizations.Everyone is striving for better and better perspectives.As a result,the employees have to face a high work pressure and it is a common scenario of employees getting messed up with their personal and professional life.

    It is often seen that the employees bring their personal life into the professional life and vice versa.It is a common scenario that there is quarrel in the personal life due to professional work mingling with it resulting into reduction of its space and time.Some times it is also seen that the personal problems are reflected in the professional works and as a result the performance at the professional sector is affected a lot.

    Hence it is necessary to balance both the life by allotting separate time for both.You have to be effective at time management inorder to restrict both of them to get mingled.Try to finish your work at a quicker pace and in the office only during the working hours.If some work is left,assign a separate timing for it at your home which may be the time when the household is busy with some cooking or television.You should keep time for outing and also giving personal time to your family.When the work stress is going beyond the limit,you may restrict the higher authority to assign more task by saying No.Do the works according to their priorities.Enjoy the holidays to their fullest.

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    To balance personal and professional life you shoild never mix these together as that will create a chaos to you. When you are at workplace then never discuss the things related to your home and all forget all those things that happened in your home as those will not make you able to work. Also you should not discuss the office things with your home members because they dont qant to listen all those crap. Beat way to stay away of these is to be a man with no emotions.

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?


    To balance professional life and personal life , just keep both of them separated with a wide distance
    Spent time with your family members as much as possible.
    Take full rest during holidays, so that you can work perfectly during office hours.
    Do regular light exercise every day, this will keep you fresh and fit
    When you are with your family members do not think of the office work, just enjoy your present time.
    While you are at office, put your full attention in your work, so that you do it good.
    Make time to go outstation with your family and friends to have fun.

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    Hi Dear, It is very important in life to maintain a balance between our personal and professional life. If our profession gives us resources/money to lead a happy life, our friends and family shower love, compassion and contentment in our lives. So, maintaining a state of equilibrium in both personal and professional lives is very important and highly desirable. As far as your profession is concerned, you need to understand what exactly do you need from your job. You need money, position, power or contentment. Then work as per your priorities. Do not make promises of exaggerated returns, rather work as per your limitations and not as per the rat race which normally is seen in every field today. Have a clear picture of the agenda of your daily job and avoid working in a confused state of mind. By this I mean, Do not try to be a jack of all trades but take up may be just three chores a day and be a master of all three. In case, any work is out of your reach or you are incapable of doing it, do not take it up and start panicking, rather take up the responsibility which you are a master of and do it skilfully. In addition, try not taking work pressures to your sweet home but when you reach home, enjoy with your family, distress yourself and socialize with your friends. Also, plan your holidays and go for outings to send quality time with your family. And the most important thing is - Eat healthy, sleep well, and maintain a healthy routine. Thanks.

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    Re: How to balance Professional life and Personal life?

    hello dear,
    These are following ways.
    1. Spend time at least 2 hours daily with family
    2.went to visiting places during holiday
    3.at least once went to hotel for dinner
    4.invite office staff to home
    5.be smart worker not hard worker.
    best of luck

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