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    How to ask for extra sick leaves?

    I am an employee working in a construction company. I get sick very frequently. My doctor has told me that my immune system is weak thus i tend to catch infections easily. Ii have already completed my sick leaves for this year. But now again i have fallen ill and would require more leaves. How should i ask my manager for that? Will i lose my pay for these leaves?

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    Re: How to ask for extra sick leaves?


    Ask to your Manager to give extra sick leaves and also explain to him what doctor will told to you if you

    explain clearly to him he will provide extra sick leaves to you

    best of luck

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    Re: How to ask for extra sick leaves?

    There are variety of kind of leaves provided in the organization like

    Sick Leaves
    Casual Leaves
    Provisonal Leaves
    Comp-Offs etc.

    If you are on leave due to any reason, you can apply any of the leave for that by changing the subject for the leave.

    Even if that leaves are not available for you, then there will be deductions in your salary.

    So, try to manage your health and work also.

    Good luck.

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    Re: How to ask for extra sick leaves?

    If you have exhausted all your alloted leaves that has been given by the company to you and if you will ask for more leaves that YES your pay for those leaves will be deducted from your salary.

    Also taking frequent leaves will result in bad impression of yours in the Office.

    I would suggest that take one month leave, take rest at your home.
    Eat good and healthy food to get well
    Eat Dabur chawanprash with milk daily and other ayurvedic medicines to improve your immune system.
    Ayurvedic medicine can really work , but you also have to take rest along with medication

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