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    How to ask the boss for salary hike in a MNC Bank?

    I work in an MNC Bank and the environment here is quite tensed everyday due to pressure of targets. I want to speak with my boss regarding the increment in salary but could not gather enough courage to do so. Pls suggest, how could I discuss this with my boss keeping the decorum.

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    Cool Re: How to ask the boss for salary hike in a MNC Bank?


    Salary hike is done once in a year from the date of joining recursively

    Factors for consideration for salary hike are

    @ How well you achieve your Goals and objectives

    @ How well you meet the job requirements

    @ How well you perform in your work

    @ How well you achieve the targets on time

    @ Also considering your achievements and skills

    Find a pleasant time to discuss about this to your boss

    Point out your contributions for the work completion

    Explain things in a positive and soft manner

    Don't argue with your boss

    Just tell things in a convincing way and conclude hope you will do the needful for me as my boss

    @@@ Thanks

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    Re: How to ask the boss for salary hike in a MNC Bank?



    1.Schedule an appointment Don't storm into the boss' room with an ad-hoc request for a raise.

    2.Plan an appointment and have a strategy. Speak to trusted colleagues, friends and people from the industry and get some information on what a normal raise is for someone with your profile and experience.

    3.Also take your boss's mood into account. Write a note to your boss without stating the precise reason for the meeting.

    4.Say it is to discuss a personal matter, to discuss your development or present an idea.

    5.If you say you want to ask for an increment, your boss is likely to say 'No' on the spot.

    Here is a sample note you could send to fix an appointment:-

    A. Dear Sir, Could we meet for 30 minutes anytime this week to discuss my role and development? I would appreciate your advice. Please give me a time and date that suits you. Sincerely.

    B. Make a list of accomplishments Create a list of accomplishments that are quantifiable and specific.

    I. For instance: 'Achieved 110 per cent of the sales target, managed the largest customer base of 130 high net worth customers in the sales region, supervised a team of 15 with a retention rate of 100 per cent.' Use words such as 'first', 'best in class', 'highest' and 'excellent'.

    II. Bring some supporting documents to the meeting, like an excel sheet that highlights your key accomplishments. Bosses like results, so be specific and detailed.

    III. Forward-looking approach No boss will entertain a request of paying you more for doing the same job.

    IV. A smart way is to ask for increased responsibilities and tasks and link this to a salary raise either right away or in the long term. You can also create a 'pay for performance' system with your boss, where you get rewarded for the extra value you bring to the company over and above your main responsibilities.

    V. Don't walk out with an empty plate Give your boss/management a choice. The choice has to be between something and something else, not between something and nothing.

    VI. If the company is in cost-cutting mode, consider other perks that you may be able to negotiate for in the short-term to compensate for the lack of money.




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    Re: How to ask the boss for salary hike in a MNC Bank?


    -!-Salary Hike will be added with your Appraisal Program once you come one year with the Company-!-

    :@:Parameters for your Salary hike:@:

    --Individual Performance for the Past year

    --Task Completion & Achievements on the given Time

    --The Quality & Standard of Delivering the Project

    --Unique & Smart Work

    --Attitude & Commitment while Performing in Group

    --Dedication & Sincerity

    :#:It is your Salary Fruit so find the Best Time to Speak about your Salary Hike:#:


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    Re: How to ask the boss for salary hike in a MNC Bank?

    Hi. I think You should certainly talk to your boss about your salary hike. But before that you should assess yourself that are you really deserving to get a salary hike by assessing your work performance and your ability to adjust to your work conditions. Also see to it that you complete your tasks in time and how much experience you have.

    If you really think you are deserving then you should gather courage and speak to your boss directly or write a letter to him if you feel nervous. But if you and talk to him dont be nervous and be confident and speak in a polite manner.

    Best of luck. Thanks

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    Re: How to ask the boss for salary hike in a MNC Bank?

    yes you can speak to HR department about this matter, but this is not really advisable to your career growth because every company has performance appraisal at end of financial year,, they evaluate your performance and hike your salary this process of hiking salary is followed every where... and if you are not given salary hike then report the matter to higher authorities if your performance is good all the best

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    Re: How to ask the boss for salary hike in a MNC Bank?

    In MNC banks where your performance is rated based on the targets acheived by you.
    So, if you are regularly meeting the targets than you can speak to the boss about the salary hike
    You can take this issue during the appraisal time or even during the monthly meetings where the targets are set for individual employees.
    Make sure when you discuss this issue only you and your boss are present there.
    If you are performing well, your salary would be increased in the appraisals

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