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    How to ask boos for pending Maternity leave?

    I had to cut short my maternity leave to resume office. My boss promised me leave after some time but in vain. My baby needs me and long hours at work is creating tussle at home. How should I tell my boss that I need to continue my maternity leave?

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    Madhu M Array
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    Re: How to ask boos for pending Maternity leave?

    Hi friend

    I think if your boss promised you that he will give you the rest of your maternity leave after some time and now you really need it , then you must certainly talk to your boss regarding this and request him to give you your pending leave at this time as you really are in need of it now. As you had to cut short your maternity leave when your boss asked you to resume office work, then you certainly have the right to resume it now by taking permission from your boss. So you should not hesitate and not be afraid to talk to your boss.

    Go to your boss and talk to him directly. Be confident when you talk. Tell him that now you want to resume your maternity leave which is pending , as you have to take care of your baby. Long working hours in the office are acting as a deterrant and thus you want to avail your leave at this time to take proper care of your baby for his proper growth and development. I am sure your boss will consider your request and will help you out.

    Good luck friend. Dont be afraid to get your right. Thanks

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