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    How to answer the question,”What is your style of management?”

    I often come across the question during the interview-”What is your style of management?” But till now,I could not give a proper answer to it as I have many points to say and get confuse as to what will be the proper point to say. What answer should I give to this question to create a good impression in the minds of people taking the interview?

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    Re: How to answer the question,”What is your style of management?”

    the style of management is regarded as one of the basic. yet the best question in your interview through which you can grab a job for yourself in that particular company. the reason for what this is the most basic question is that the answer of yours should be such that it defines your own separate attitude which can help you out in getting the job. you cannot go to the interview while mugging up this answer because if you didnt be yourself in the interview, you are nowhere near to get selected. you need to assure them in such a way that you portray yourself as the best candidate who appeared for that interview

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    Re: How to answer the question,”What is your style of management?”

    In modern world,the competition has increased and along with that the methods and techniques of getting prepared for the competition has also taken another shape.In modern world,it is seen that the number of coaching centers are increasing drastically for the various competitive exams.As a result the examination conducting council has to innovate and implement various new techniques and processes to get the best out of the students rather than following the old techniques and questions.

    This has become necessary because various coaching centers have studied the pattern and the questions for many years and train their students accordingly.So if same questions are asked again and again,it will merely be difficult to chuck out the best talents from a bunch of applicants.

    The same procedure is implemented in modern day interviews as well.The interviewers of modern day try to come up with different questions like this one rather than the monotonous old questions.This is necessary to assess the real traits of a candidate.The question mentioned by you is basically asked to the candidate to test his/her managerial and leadership skills.

    It is often seen that many students get perplexed by this sort of questions and end up being dumb with a confusion as to what would be the apt answer.Few try to speak but end up spoiling the good impression created previously.The answer to this question will depict your leadership skills and hence should say that various situations demand various sort of management.So your style of management would be situational.You will take decision and manage as per the depth of the matter and the ask of the situation.

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