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    How to answer: Have you thought about self employment?

    At a recent interview I was asked a very confusing question. The interviewer asked me if I have ever thought about self employment. I have thought about it but how do I explain this without sounding overconfident or like someone who would not be a team player.

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    Re: How to answer: Have you thought about self employment?

    Hi..This is certainly a very tricky question indeed and you should see to it that you answer it properly otherwise you can be in danger of not getting through the interview..Firstly you should not sound overconfident at all..Not only for this question but this is the rule for all the questions..You have to be diplomatic while answers and tactfully handle the situation..

    And of course you also cannot show that you are very much interseted in self employment as this may show you in negative light that you dont have team spirit and are more interested in your own things..

    So what you should do is tell the interviewer that yes you have thought about and would love to do it when the opportunity comes but firstly you would like to have a good financial base for yourself and would like to really work very hard for it..So you would give your 100% effort to their company's work and do as much as you can..You are a good team member and will help others in whatever way you can..

    I think this will be the best answer for you to please your interviewer..Good luck

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