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    How to answer ‘ what kind of work you don’t want to do’?

    I recently read an interview question: what kind of work you don’t want to do?’ How do I answer this question at an interview? If I point out the projects I don’t want to work on I might appear too selective and if i don’t I might appear like someone who is not able to make a decision.

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    Re: How to answer ‘ what kind of work you don’t want to do’?

    This is an extremely tricky and tough question that can be asked in a personal interview.However,this question is usually not asked in the interviews.This is because most of the time it is seen that the candidates come out with answers like -"I can do any work and I have no problem in doing any work.So there is nothing as such which I do not want to do".

    This kind of answers does not depict much about the candidate and hence this kind of questions are ignored by the interviewers.However,it can be asked and you should go prepared with the answer.Your dumbness or monotonous answers can make the interviewers lose interest in you and the good interview which was carrying on well may come to a bad end.

    Hence,your answer should be appropriate and create good impression in the minds of the interviewer.But you should remember that by no means you give such an answer that will depict your weaknesses or flaws.It should not make the interviewer feel that you are not very much interested in your work and you do not like to do work.It should also not reflect that you are not versatile.

    You can answer in this way.You can tell that you like to have variety in your work and like new challenges as well as innovations in your work.So you do not have negative feeling towards work.But yes,you will definitely not want to do such kind of work like doing fraud with the customers and clients.This is because you think customers and clients to be the biggest asset of any organization and just by fraudding them will not benefit any organization in the long run.

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    Re: How to answer ‘ what kind of work you don’t want to do’?

    Hi friend,

    You can answer like this, I don't want to involve in frudelent works. I am always interested to do the work in which there is a scope for learning new things which helps in long run. Work which involves inovative thinking .
    But am flexible to work any time without constraints. My motto is 'work is worship'. This type of answer will definitely fetch edge over other aspirants.

    All the best!!

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