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    How 2nd B.Tech Mechanical student can apply for summer training in an organisation?

    Suppose, We are student of b.tech 2nd year from mechanical branch and want to do our summer training in your organisation plz tell us how can we apply.

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    Re: How 2nd B.Tech Mechanical student can apply for summer training in an organisation?

    Mechanical is one of the oldest branch of engineering.It is an evergreen branch and has wide prospects.After completion of mechanical engineering,you can get employment opportunities in various sectors.It is a highly demanding branch and is less affected by recession and its effects.

    Being a 2nd year mechanical engineering student,you can definitely apply for training in various organizations which are in this field.There are many companies in the public as well as private sector where you can apply.Public Sector Units are the major organizations in public sector where you can apply for training.In private sector,companies like TATA,JINDAL and many more undertake students for training programmes.

    Inorder to apply,you have to follow certain rules and regulations.The training forms are available online.If you want it online,then you have to visit the official website of the concerned organization.Get a printout of their form.Then you have to get a no-objection certificate from your college and a training certificate stating that the college has no problem if you undertake training in the concerned organization and you are a student of your college.After filling the form and attaching the requisite documents,attach these certificates and send it to the particular address mentioned in the website.

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