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    House allowance deducted from salary

    My house allowance has been deducted from the salary this month. How should I put this issue before boss without making it awkward? I am staying in a shared paying guest accomodation and at the same time, I am also looking for an independent flat. Why is it got deducted then?

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    Re: House allowance deducted from salary


    You have not mentioned the type of house allowance you got from your employer..... it is quite difficult for anyone to answer any question which is incomplete in nature....

    Go through the company policy and your appointment letter where all the terms and conditions are mentioned in details.... go through the same properly and then discuss the same with your boss for clarification....

    Don't shy for discussing any thing with your boss....it is not regarding only your specific issue but also related to any issue you face ....
    Your work life will simplify if you can download some of your thoughts that is unreasolved and you are fighting for the resolutions....

    good luck

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