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    hould office parties be attended by females?

    Every corporate office is heading many official parties in which all the employees are part of it including females too. Some of the females are comfortable to such parties but other ones are not as these parties contain liquor celebrations too. I wanted to ask that are these kinds of parties safe for females or not?

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    Re: hould office parties be attended by females?

    Hi aspirant

    You are really right when you say that some females are comfortable with these official parties and some are not as these decisions depend on your mentality and thinking . Ya these liquor celebrations are certainly a deterrant for the female employees to attend such parties as men under the influence of alcohol can certainly misbehave with the females or even pass them negating comments. So you have to be strong enough to face such situations boldly and come out of them unharmed maintaining your integrity and respect.

    So it depends on you whether to attend such parties or not. Also you cannot miss all the parties as this will certainly create a negative impression on your boss. Thus of course you should attend some parties atleast and not give a miss to all of them. So you consult with other female colleagues and also see the situation at a few parties and then decide whether you want to attend al of them or not.

    I hope you understand friend . Good luck

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    Re: hould office parties be attended by females?

    Hi buddy

    1) you should not attend such parties where the men consume liquor.
    2) They may harass you and behave with you in a disrespectful and rude manner.
    3) Avoid such parties as much as you can unless your boss forces you to attend them.
    4) Remain in the good books of your boss.
    5) Attend a few parties if there is no liquor consumption there.

    I hope you will do the right thing. Best of luck

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    Re: hould office parties be attended by females?

    Your situation is understandable and I completely agree that it is not necessary that all the female employees will be comfortable in such a situation. Official parties these days have become a part and parcel of the work culture that is prevalent these days. If the female employees do not attend such parties then it seems that they are not social enough. This might not work in your favour. Hence you need to have an open mindset.

    I would suggest that when you attend such parties you should maintain a considerable distance from the people you think are habitual drinkers. You should be with a group of people whom you are comfortable with. At the same time you should maintain a friendly attitude towards all your colleagues. You will have to pretend that you are happy with the atmosphere at the party. Also slowly you will develop an attitude where you do not feel uncomfortable at such parties. There is always a first time and believe me that it will not be as bad as your mindset thinks it will.

    As far as your safety is concerned then it is in your own hands. Maintain a considerable distance from the people you think are habitual drinkers. After the party do not travel alone. All this steps if taken by you will help you in your safety. I am sure that everything will work out when you take a step with an open mind. All the best!

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    Re: hould office parties be attended by females?

    These parties are absolutely safe.

    When big corporates hold such parties, they do keep this in mind.
    Since they invite all the staff to attend the parties, they do keep a track that no one misbehaves with anyone in the party under the influence of alcohal.
    Also Females can attend these parties , but be a bit cautious about things in their surrounding.
    They should be in thier groups and enjoy the party.
    But if someone is not comfortable to attend such parties, they can always avoid such gatherings

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    Re: hould office parties be attended by females?

    Consumption of liquor in the parties is not always safe for the females. After consumption of liquor, No one have full senses, passing of abusive comments and behaving bad becomes quite obvious. So, you need to try to avoid these kind of parties. Even if you attend the party, don't stay in the party for late night, in the party you should always be with your female friends, don't be alone. If anyone try to misbehave with you, stop that man and complaint against him to your boss. If the parties are conducted by your boss or any other, all the female employees must them to arrange a party without liquor.

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    Re: hould office parties be attended by females?

    Hi Dear, You need not worry so much as these parties are normally very safe. Since they are organised by the company, the female employees are taken proper care by the management. The only thing is that you should keep in mind that these parties are organised to socialize and de stress your self from the work pressure. It's you who has to keep a control on yourself when offered any hard drinks. No one can force you to indulge in any sort of nuisance in the party. You just need to be clear that you are there to enjoy and not to get involved with someone. So, attend these parties, enjoy yourself thoroughly by dancing, talking, eating and taking soft drinks but do not take any hard drink if you do not want to and do not get carried away by anyone. Hang around with your female friends and enjoy the light atmosphere of such parties. Thanks.

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