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    Having some premonitions about the interview on Skype

    I have left my previous job recently and now am looking for a new job. Recently I was selected in one of the companies for their interview. The interview is tomorrow but the problem is it is not your traditional face-to-face interview but it will take place over Skype. As I am not much tech-savvy , so I am having some premonitions about the same. Please can you guide me in the right direction on how to deal with this situation.

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    Re: Having some premonitions about the interview on Skype

    Hi aspirant

    You should not worry about anything and keep your spirits high. I am sure that you have prepared well for your interview and now what you need is confidence if you want to succeed in it and hence get a good job. I can understand your feelings as this is the first time you are giving an interview over Skype but you should not worry much as this is almost as similar as your traditional interview. So you should not worry about this and just be sure of yourself.

    The only difference between this and your traditional interview is that you will be speaking to your interviewer through your webcam and he will not be physically present there. You both can see each other and thus the rest of the process is the same. You have to answer his questions with as much confident as you can because he can judge your confidence through your way of answering and your facial expressions as in a traditional interview. I am sure you know the basics of computers and internet and thus you will have no problem in the technical aspect.

    Just believe in yourself and everything will be great . good luck for your interview

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