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    Having 3 backlogs in 2nd semester will crate problem at the time of interview?

    I am having 3 backlogs in second semester i am not having any other backlogs in first semester will it be a problem at the time of interview even if i will clear these three backlogs within third semester, will it effect in campus placement?
    please tell me serious answers because this is first time i have failed

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    Re: Having 3 backlogs in 2nd semester will crate problem at the time of interview?

    First of all don't get much tensed, as this approach that now you cannot do any thing greatly reduces the performance in upcoming exams. You are not alone in the world with backlog. It can happen and had happened to many others. The thing you must have in your mind is your aggregates as this thing will be written in your CV. Your approach of thinking must be that at the end of your degree how your CV will look in terms of aggregates and any other qualifications like some really good projects, any awards honors, participation in competitions related to your course and all. Now as you are having backlog clear it and work hard to on your aggregates. There are companies which don't take student with backlog in there course but there are also companies which don't mind backlogs but looks on your academic qualifications like as said your percentage and all. Keep one thing in mind you must be really clear with your basics and must have applied knowledge. As the most important thing during placement is interviews where your knowledge about the subject is see with other things. To be more clear about your opportunities in campus placement you go to the companies websites that do placements in your college/university and see there eligibility conditions. You can also discuss about this with your seniors and seniors who have been placed after completing the course.

    You can find your seniors who have completed the course from your place and currently working in good companies and ask about this as many times the reputation of the college also matters in placement so those seniors who have studied in your college can give you the most specific answers to your query . You can find them on social networking sites and can take a guidance from them. But in any case one thing is sure that you can find a good placement even after you get back if you perform hard enough and get higher aggregates as this shows your overall performance.

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