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    Havenít received any bonus for the past 9 months

    I am working in a MNC. Our company has the policy of providing bonus to its employees. Our company is a very reputed one and thus has a large amount of turnover. But inspite of that , I havenít received any bonus from the past 9 months. I have asked the same from some of my colleagues but they too havenít got it. What can we do in such a situation?

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    varshu Array
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    Re: Havenít received any bonus for the past 9 months

    hello friends..

    @ bonus will be issued at the time of company will be sin good position

    @some company provides bonus once in a every year

    @some company provide bonus for every festival

    @ some companies provide the bonus for when ever company will reach the good position only

    @ may be your company in financial crisis wait for your company improvement

    all the best

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    Re: Havenít received any bonus for the past 9 months

    its not good and professional that you speak about the bonus issue with employees and higher management... its the independent decision taken by the management and ceo of the company.. but you can give your feedback directly to management collectively and its your right to ask directly to management,rather than discussing as you will be misunderstood by management about the the bonus issue.....

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    Re: Havenít received any bonus for the past 9 months

    Hi friend

    If your company has the policy of providing bonus to its employees with bonus every month then it should definitely give you the same and be responsible in this matter. Not receiving bonus for 9 months consecutively shows the immaturity on the part of your management as well as your accounts department. They should be more responsible than this being part of such reputed company and should be careful enough for not repeating such mistakes.

    But maybe they may have some genuine reason for the same and thus are not giving their employees bonus for the past 9 months. but as you say your company has a very good turnover I don't find any other reason for them to do such a thing. Still they should have given prior information to their employees before taking such a step and to keep them in dark for 9 months is highly irresponsible on their part.

    You should know the real situation of your company at the present moment and then only pass your judgement on them. For this you should go to your manager and clear all your doubts from him. Tell him that you and the other employees haven't received bonus from the past 9 months and you really want to know the reason for the same. Also when the company is going so smoothly financially why should they not give you your bonus. Earlier you were quiet because you always thought that they would be giving you the bonus the next month.

    Tell him that now it has been continuous 9 months and thus you were forced to come to him. You really hope that he will throw light on this matter. I am sure your manager will clear all your doubts and will definitely guide you in the right direction. Then you will be able to decide for yourself that whether it is really the fault of your company or the matter is something else which you didn't know about.

    So friend, before passing a judgement on your management which has been so good to you earlier, you should definitely talk to your manager. Don't hesiate as it is your right to know about the cause of this problem and your manager's duty to help his employees whenever they need it. He will definitely entertain you.

    I hope you will take my advice and do what I have said. Then you will come to know about the truth. I hope you get justice . Good luck and Thanks

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    saurav bharti Array
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    Re: Havenít received any bonus for the past 9 months

    dont worry sir. just have confidence in yourself and work hard.
    as you know "what you sow, so shall you reap"
    when you'll work hard and your organization will get benefit from you, then they'll definitely award you.
    may be you slow coming award could be of great benefit.
    so just wait and work hard.
    best of luck

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