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    Havenít got even a single appraisal till now

    I am working in a small private firm. I have been working here for the past 3 years but havenít received a single appraisal while almost all of my colleagues have got atleast one or multiple appraisals. I am really disheartened and not knowing what to do. How to improve myself in the future?

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    Re: Havenít got even a single appraisal till now

    Appraisals are done on a yearly of half yearsly basis.
    appraisals are done to review the performance of the employees.
    and based on these review, the company may decide to give a salary hike or not give the salary hike.

    So, in your case, i would suggest that you should speak to your immediate boss that your appraisals has not been done for the last three years.
    Also you need to tell him that there has been no salary hike for you during the last three years.
    Only when you raise this issue than only you will get to know the reasons for no appraisals and salary hike

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    Re: Havenít got even a single appraisal till now

    Hi aspirant

    This is really sad that you haven't got even a single apraisal till now while the rest of your colleagues have got multiple or atleast a single appraisal. As there is no growth for you, so you should definitely give this some thought and then take the necessary steps for the betterment of your future. You may definitely be lacking in something and it is because of that you haven't got a single appraisal. Try to introspect yourself and find out your shortcomings. Then improve those and I am sure you will see a marked change in your performance as well as your personality.

    Work as hard as possible and make sure you give your 100% to your work. Make sure that you do your work with full dedication and give everything you can to your work. do everything creatively and think different from others. Also maintain good relations with your senior officials as this is the only way other than your performance, that you can get your appraisal. Always behave properly with your colleagues and don't get involved in any fights.

    I hope you understand my point. Also if possible,consult your manager to know your shortcomings and then you can definitely improve upon them. Hopefully you will have a bright future. All the best and Thanks

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