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    Havenít been able to complete my resume since the last 1 month

    I am just going to complete my graduation and am now preparing myself for the job interviews. From the past 1 month I have been making my resume but havenít been able to complete it till now. Whenever I show it to someone for proofreading they find many mistakes and thus I have to do it all over again. Now I am really frustrated. How to deal with this situation and complete my resume in a proper manner?

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    Re: Havenít been able to complete my resume since the last 1 month

    For making a resume you must follow a specific format first.

    Decide which format suits you best depending on your degree.

    You can find it on internet easily.

    Follow a particular format don't try to mix two three formats together.

    Don't try to hide things that, mention every thing clearly.

    The most important part of your resume is your academic qualifications, your achievements related to the degree, things like hobbies you can leave if you don't

    want to include.

    For academic qualifications you can a tabular format, it is the best format as it describes everything clearly.

    Don't put unnecessary things that is not related with your field of interest/job applying.

    If still not able to make a resume than you can take help from online resume making sites.

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    Re: Havenít been able to complete my resume since the last 1 month


    Don't worry. There are many sites in the internet where you can get sample resume. Download
    some resume, analysis them carefully and then start preparing your own resume. You can also
    take the help of professional resume builders on the Naukri, Monsters and indiatimes. Many people
    like you face the same situation every year so don'r get tensed you can do it.


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