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    Have been transferred 5 times during the past 6 years

    I am working in a private firm. When I joined my job I knew that it was transferable. I did not face any problem in the first year but then the situation got from bad to worse as I had to undergo transfer 5 times during the past 6 years. Now this is really getting very uncomfortable and troublesome for me. What to do in such a situation?

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    Re: Have been transferred 5 times during the past 6 years

    Hi friend

    I can understand your situation and completely sympathise with you. You are genuinely facing a lot of trouble in your profession and I can see that from what you have mentioned above. As you have been transferred 5 times in the past 6 years, so I can understand how difficult it has been for you to shift everything from one place to another whenever you get a transfer and to get transferred so frequently is literally not done on the part of your management. You should do something before the situation goes out of hand .

    Now friend I think you have 2 options in this matter- either you go and discuss this matter with your boss and try to find a solution for the same or you leave your present job and try to find a job which is not transferable, as you already had a bad experience with a transferable job. So now its upto you what you want to do. You should definitely give it some thought before taking the final decision and also consult your family which is also suffering along with you. Don't take a decision in haste as it concerns your future.

    I think the best option for you would be to first talk to your boss and then if nothing comes out of it, then you can decide on leaving your job. Go to your boss's office and talk to him personally. Tell him that you are facing some problem and want to talk to him about it. Tell him that you have been transferred 5 times during the past 6 years. This is really getting very troublesome and uncomfortable for you as you have to shift everything from one place to another so frequently and it is very uncomfortable for your family as well who have to bear such difficulties along with you. You hope that he will try to understand your problem and provide you a solution to this matter.

    Now if your boss gives you a satisfactory reply and promises that you will not be transferred so frequently then its ok and your problem will be solved. Also ask him , if possible, to give you in writing the promise he has made to you because you never know he may back off at the last moment. But if your boss doesn't give you a satisfactory reply, then you can start finding another job for yourself and leave this job as soon ass you find it.

    You should try to search for a new job in newspapers and also on internet sites like naukri.com, monster.com etc. Then you will surely find a good job for your calibre and also which is not transferable at all. Good luck friend. I hope you find a solution to this matter soon. Thanks

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    Re: Have been transferred 5 times during the past 6 years

    Hello ,
    Firstly , it is tough being transferred every now and then . I mean if you are transferred 5 times in 6 years ,
    You are not even settling down properly before shifting .
    I am aware of the difficulties involving shifting from cities .
    Even in the army , you have a longer tenture than this .

    Anyway , i think you should definitely talk to your manager and convince him how i am an useful asset for the company
    and how me staying a little more permanently actually benifits the firm .

    Another important issue that you must be facing would be the family part . It. is really difficult to move
    with the family . It is difficult for the children to adjust and their schooling suffers a great deal .

    I mean transferable jobs have thier advantages but with the frequency of your transfers , you will never be able to enjoy them .

    Also explain to your manager that the employee satisfaction can boost your performance and currently
    you are not happy with the situation .

    I am sure that your boss will take some action on it immediatly and would also be surprised by your situation .
    Request for a permenent residence atleast for few years .

    But even after listening to your terms , he is not able to fulfill your settlement , I guess you should quit yor job and
    may look for a job with little less transferable chances or NO transfers as i think you may have had enough .
    Put up your resume in online sites or look for job vacancies and apply .
    I hope you are satisfied with your situation soon .

    All the best .
    Thank you !

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