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    Have been provided account of an employee who has left out

    I have been appointed for the post of operations manager in a private concern. Every employee here is asked to have a current account for salary every month from the side of employer. But I have been given an old account which has been opened by some other employee who was working earlier. Will this create any problem?

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    Re: Have been provided account of an employee who has left out

    Hi friend

    I think if you have been provided an account of an old employee of the company, I dont think this should create any problems as your company certainly knows what its doing and thus will not do anything which will create any problem for the employee. I think if they transfer that old account to your name, then automatically the previous entries of that employee will be deleted and for you that account will be as good as new. But you should surely check out that they have changed the details of that account to your name and personal information.

    You should also consult your manager and the accounts department for better clarity and I am sure they will help you out and guide you in the right direction. Also make sure that all the previous entries of that employee are deleted before they shift the account to your name. So I think if all these formalities are completed, you certainly wont have any problem inreceiving your salary on a monthly basis.

    Dont worry friend and dont take any unnecessary tension. If you really want a new acount, then you can even talk about that to your manager. Dont hesitate to ask from your manager what you want. Dont be afraid and I am sure he will provide you with the same if possible.

    Good luck friend. Thanks

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