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    Group discussions scare me

    I have heard from my seniors that during campus placements group discussions also form an integral part. I have no experience whatsoever of a group discussion. So I am scared. Can you tell me how do I prepare for the same?

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    Re: Group discussions scare me

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should certainly not be scared of group discussions and prepare well for the same. Taking tension and being nervous wont take you anywhere and would only lead to more trouble for you. So you should try to develop as much confidence as you can by preparing yourselves for the group discussions. You should give your 100% at this point and dont leave any stone unturned.

    Actually to tell you the truth preparation for group discussions is a long and tedious process and you have to prepare it from the beginning of your course if you want to be experts at the time of placements. Some people have natural talent too for such things. But you should not lose heart and do as much as you can. Read current hot topics like population explosion, corruption , gang rapes, female feticide etc as they are sure to come. Also join a reputed coaching institute and practice mock group discussions with otjher candidates so that you know where you stand. Improve your vocabulary and communication skills. Stress on the clarity and fluency of your spech and also the correct grammar.

    These tips will certainly help you . Good luck and God Bless

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    Re: Group discussions scare me

    Hello !!

    yes, your seniors were right that, during campus placements group discussions also form an integral part.
    dont worry no one has experience of group discussion..
    but if you want to learn about the group discussion than you can join many personality developement classes running in your city.
    so, you need to prepare about GD.
    you make a group of all your friends and take a topic and discuss about the topic for several hours till you reach to the final conclusion.
    do this activity several days .
    you will be trained in GD.

    hope this might have helped you.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Group discussions scare me

    I am gald to know that you are serious about your placement. In today's scenario group discussions form a very important part of the placement and they also require a lot of practice. You should start reading a lot of newspapers and hence improvise your vocabulary and keep yourself updated about the current state of affairs. These are very important for a student. They help them to groom their personality.

    At the same time you should remember the following:
    1. Maintain a certain posture while you are in the GD.
    2. You have to be very polite while putting across your point.
    3. Maintain proper body language.
    4. Feel confident.
    5. Refrain yourself from cutting the points put across by others.

    I am sure this will help you. All the best!

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    Smile Re: Group discussions scare me

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I have heard from my seniors that during campus placements group discussions also form an integral part. I have no experience whatsoever of a group discussion. So I am scared. Can you tell me how do I prepare for the same?

    .....I understand your problem this is not only your problem,there are many student who facing this type of scare during group discussion.The main problem of this fare is introverting nature on you.If you give up your hope then you never get rid of this fare.Now a days during campassing every company took one round for selection that is group discussion.Which is the vital portion of our daily life.If you leave the stage fare then 90% of your problem are solved.So I give you some tips::

    • Read english newspaper and increase your vocabulary skill.
    • Also tries to speak before your friend which may helps you to remove your shy.
    • Or sometimes you may practice to talk something in front of mirror to rectify your gesture and posture.
    • Always keep dictionary with you which helps you to increase your stock of words.
    • Otherwise you can join coaching classes to inprove your spoken english power and logical or analytical power.

    Hope this information helps you in future.
    With regards from you@
    Wish you a very good luck for your bright future.

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    Re: Group discussions scare me

    As you are going to attend the interviews then you should be fully prepared for it.
    GD is a vital round in the Recruitment process as it is not a selection process it is a disqualification round where a disqualification is done in bulk and this may matter.
    So do not ignore the GD.

    Join some good institution and practice mock GD it is very important and helpful as well.
    Work on your debating and communication skills.
    Be confident with what you speak.
    Donot get arguementative.
    Be organised.

    Thank you

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    Re: Group discussions scare me

    obviously,group discussion is important factor to illiminate during placement as it elliminates mass.
    best ways to prepare for it:
    1.if your english communication is good enough then try to improve vocubalary.
    2.the important thing is that during GD you will face unknown topics so try to read about things of different grounds.
    3.another thing is that the member or collageus are not your enemy during GD so you have to talk polite.
    4.most important if there is a new and unknown topic ,then better to sit and listen others view and after sometime collecting their views express yours.
    5.try to take chances.

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