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    Is Graphics Arts industry a good place to pursue a future job?

    I just came to know that Graphics Arts industry is a unique place to work and I really want to work in future in some fields which are unique. So can you tell me if that will be a good place for my future job? How to start the preparation for it? What should I do from my 10th grade?

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    Re: Is Graphics Arts industry a good place to pursue a future job?

    graphics art is very unique for film industry and game designing also.. There is huge demand for graphics designer and developer.. Now a days 3-d movies and graphical movies are in huge demand and people like watching animated movies do your graduation besides learning animation courses having graduation in any aspects will make self confident also.. Have many options .. In mumbai there are good opportunities in animation industry wherethey have contacts with u.s animation industry with placements also ..

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    Re: Is Graphics Arts industry a good place to pursue a future job?


    What you have heard is absolutely true.Graphics Art Industry ia a really flourishing industry and has huge prospect.But I would suggest you to go for it only if you have a nack for art and drawing along with a creative mind.If you can show creativity through your drawing,then you can surely go for graphics and animation.It has got a good prospect.If you want to seek for it,then you need to work on your art skills and opt for B.sc in Graphics and Animation in degree course.If you get into a good college,then you will also get the opportunity of job through college campusing.

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