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    Government teachers posted in rural area are not punctual

    I am a school teacher. I am posted in a village for five years. I am really got frustrated as my fellow lady teachers never come on time. The headmaster always favours them because they come from the city which is around 38 Kms far from the village. Sometimes the head master fills attendance though they are not present on time.

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    Re: Government teachers posted in rural area are not punctual

    Yes, some of school teachers come to school at late in an villages,why because you

    know that they staying far from village around 40km.They don,t get transport to school

    at correct time,and the school headmaster and those teachers are friends and they both

    worked in the same school in past,and they have mutual understanding like at the time

    of inspection, electing the school headmaster in the school.But it is a big mistake by

    your headmaster by filling their attendance by him.You have right to complaint to those

    how came late and character like your headmaster.

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    Re: Government teachers posted in rural area are not punctual


    This is not at all a good practice to do such things at your workplace. Kids in the village also has a right to study and this kind of behavior can lead their future into darkness, If you have gone through in such situation then i advice you to first of all complain to the principal and if something happens then its ok other wise you should complain against that teacher in front of the BDO or DEO.

    A continuous complain can only help so do not stop until you get success.

    All the best

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    Re: Government teachers posted in rural area are not punctual


    Well as the school is in a rural area , so there is a problem in transportation.

    This might cause them delay in coming to in time.

    so this can be granted because being women they have many responsibilities and still they come a long way to teach the students of the rural places .

    so they must be encouraged and inspired.

    this should not be raised as a big issue.

    So being a teacher you must support them.
    Thank you

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    Re: Government teachers posted in rural area are not punctual

    Hi..THis is certainly not done ..Every teacher should be punctual whether they come from village or city ..Ya a certain concession can be given to those who are coming from very far away but that should be restricted to a certain time limit of about half an hour or so..

    So beyond that those teachers should certainly be marked absent..And filling attendance on their behalf by the headmaster is certainly wrong.

    So you should complain to your management regarding this matter about your headmaster as well as your teachers.. Dont sit quietly and take some action..

    Best of luck.. THanks

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