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    Government Hospital Doctor is making sexual gestures

    I am a nurse in a government hospital. The doctor under whom i work used to treat me properly before. But now all of a sudden from the past few days he is making sexual gestures at me. Rumours are that he is having a bad time with his wife. Now i donít know what to do. Should i complain against him? Will anybody believe me? I donít want to lose my job.

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    Re: Government Hospital Doctor is making sexual gestures

    hello madamIn India every one want a job and does not think about social behavior that he/she faces daily.You should not be cooperate with him in any personal work and avoid always it.if he forces you to do according him then you have the right to complaint against him in concerned department or officers.If you will hide this shameness behavior then it will be very costly to you because in future he can do anything with you.so you should not fear about your job and thinkabout your personal life.personal life is more then anything else.You should talk him in personally and explain all matter and warn him not to do this type behavior like physically or gestures.I hope he will also think about his social respect and duty.may be you don't need to complaint against him by this conversion.thanku

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    Re: Government Hospital Doctor is making sexual gestures

    Hi friend

    You should definitely not let that doctor take undue advantage of your innocence. Whatever problems he may be going through in his personal life, he has no right to trat you in such a manner and to make sexual gestures at you. He should definitely learn to respect women and not take advantage of his sub-ordinates in this manner. You should definitely raise your voice in this matter and don't be afraid of doing so. You should definitely teach him a lesson so that he never behaves with any woman in this manner.

    I think you should speak to him . You should tell him that from the past few days you have been noticing that he is making some obscene gestures at you. You want him to immediately stop this behaviour and to respect you in the way he respects his mother and wife. If someone behaves with them in such a way, then how would he feel? He should stop this ridiculous behaviour at once otherwise you will be forced to complain against him to the higher authorities. You hope that youn have made yourself clear.

    I am sure the doctor will feel ashamed of himself and will never dare to repeat such a thing again. In this way you wil come out as a winner and also will keep your integrity intact. Good luck

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