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    Is it good to work in the small software firm where I did my internship?

    I am in dilemma to take a very important decision in my life. I am doing a internship in a small software firm and I am in my final semester. Now the company where I am doing internship ready to provide me a job provided that I sign the bond but there will be campus placement happening in college. So will it be a good option for me to opt for the job? Or decline the offer? Please advice.

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    Re: Is it good to work in the small software firm where I did my internship?

    Hi..These type of decisions are based on various factors and of course you should contemplate each one of them before taking any final decision..This decision as you know is very important for your future and thus you should think about all the aspects before making it..

    Now firstly if you have been excellent in academics having an excellent track record and are confident that you will surely get a better job than this through your campus placement then you should not sign this bond and opt for campus placement which will be better for your future..

    Also you have to see which all companies are coming to your college for campus placement..If your college is linked to very good companies for placement which are better than this small company then you should certainly opt for campus placement if you have the confidence as mentioned earlier..

    But you should see to it that you are not overconfident ..Prepare your best for your interview irrespective of your academic record..Dont leave any stone unturned for your interviews..Also if you have participated in various extra-curricular activities during your college period or have done some course in computer or any foreign language then you have an edge over the others in the interviews..

    Only sign the bond if you have been an average student and do not have a good academic record plus are lacking confidence..Otherwise surely opt for your campus placements and give your 100% to your interview..

    Good luck friend

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