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    Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?

    Hi All,

    I am from B.tech background. I am working for good Software organisation but I want to get into a government job and get settled in life. I want to lead a calm life without any tensions. I cant sit in front of a computer for 10-12 hours a day. I got selected as bank clerk. But Iam in dilemma whether to join it or not? Could anyone please tell/suggest me , how good it is to join as clerk? After how many yeras can I get promotion? Is there any way to get promoted to PO within 1 or 1 and half year after joining as clerk???
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?

    First of all,I would like to congratulate you for getting selected for the post of clerk in bank.This is a a very good opportunity for you to shift to the public sector.Since you want to get a government job and be settled so job in bank is the best option for you.Moreover,you cannot sit infront of the computer for 10-12 hours.Hence you should go for the bank job.

    There are various advantages of bank jobs.The work pressure in banks is less than that in the software organizations.So,you will have to deal with less stress.The working hours in banks is comparatively less than that in the private sector.The holidays are also more.The salary for the clerks is also handsome one along with various other facilities.Moreover getting loans will be easy.Hence it is a very good opportunity for you.

    Besides these,there is an additional advantage in bank jobs.As there is less work pressure and less working hours,so you will not be exhausted much and can prepare yourself for better government job exams.You can give ample time for your study for better prospect in the government sector since you are a BTech.Thus,you should shift for the bank job if there is no lucrative offer coming your way in the software world.

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    Re: Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?

    hi dear,
    as you have a b.tech degree and if you have done engineering then my suggestion is to proceed with engineering means you should join software company.
    lots of reason are there:
    1.your talent and knowledge would be used there
    2. obviously you will be paid more than or equal to salary of bank clerk
    3.and if the matter is to sit front of computer then in clerk job ,also you have to sit front of computer for atleast 6 hours.
    4.promotion chances are more in IT industry than in bank jobs.
    one benifit is there in clerk job is your job is secure.
    and obviously you will not get a promotion in 1 year in clerk job.you have apply for PO and have to clera it.
    so better option is to join IT industry if the package is good.

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    Re: Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?


    If you want to get a permanent job,then indeed government job is the best option.Apart from job security you will also get good salary package.But the only negative point is,that the job will be bit monotonous.If you have no problem with it,then you should join the job without any hesitation as it will ensure you absolute job security with a fairly good salary package.However,regarding promotion,the scope is more in the private sector than in government sector.In govt.sector in order to get promotion,you will have to sit for written examination.Working hours is also fixed in banks,which will also be favourable for you.So as whole,except work diversity,job of a clerk in a bank is more peaceful with less work burden.

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    Re: Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?

    hii friend its very good for you to settle in government jobs because you will have job security and that you have been selected for clerk post in a bank its good... but you should be rational in your thinking why do you want to do clerk job when you have done your b-tech? think in a good manner i would give 50-50 to you in joining clerk post when your doing a job which is far more better than doing clerk job in a bank...
    i would really tell you to join for the post of bank PO jobs which is very good job than clerk it is assistant manager post which is challenging try to clear for PO exams which banks do conduct its very ideal that you clear bank PO exam then its better to join ... all the best

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    Re: Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?

    Congratulations dear that you have been selected for government bank clerk job and this moment is very good for you and dear i would like to say you that a small government job is better than a officer post private job because government jobs has enough security and no target in work then no tension for work for a long time in a day that is why first of all you must resign from your current job and go and get the bank clerk job instantly because this is a better opportunity for you in which you may easily take a huge advantage so that you should get profit of this job

    If you want to get promotion then there are two ways to get promoted to Probationary Officer post which are as

    1. You qualify CWE PO examination and interview process cum GD round and get this post directly in any one of the 20 banks which are under IBPS and this year's IBPS CWE PO is going to be conducted around June 2013 so that you should start preparation for this examination and if you prepare for this then it would not take a long time like other way of becoming PO in bank and directly you will get officer post in bank

    2. You join the bank as a clerk and start preparation for departmental examination and you will have to qualify two different tests within 2 years then you will get promotion to PO post from clerk and some part also matters of your performance in bank during clerk job so that i would like to suggest you that you should apply for CWE PO directly recruitment examination and also apply for internal examination of banks and keep your preparation continue and get the job

    All the best

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    Re: Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?

    Hi everyone..I am also having the same issue. I am currently working in a good american based software company. My designation is software engineer. I got selected in the clerical grade for central bank of India. I am waiting for the call letter. I am also having the dielemma whether to continue here or to join the bank. It's high time that I should have taken a decision. This confusion effects me a lot in my work. I am not able to concentrate anything. Can you guys please help me. I am so confused about my career. Please help me with your suggestions. Your replies will be valuable. Looking forward from you......

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    Re: Is it good to join as Bank clerk as Am already doing a job in software organisation?

    First off,I will congratulate anyone getting decided on for your article of worker within bank.This can be a a really good possibility that you should change to the population sector.Since anyone want to get any federal government occupation and turn into satisfied thus occupation within traditional bank is the better option for you.Moreover,you simply can't take a seat infront with the pc to get 10-12 hours.Hence anyone runs to get the bank job.

    There are several great things about traditional bank jobs.The function stress within financial institutions is actually lower than that within the software package organizations.So,you'll suffer from significantly less stress.The performing a long time within financial institutions is fairly lower than that within the non-public sector.The holiday season is furthermore more.The income for your clerks is usually rewarding just one as well as several other facilities.Moreover having personal loans is going to be easy.Hence it's a really good potential for you.

    In addition to these types of,it has an more gain within traditional bank jobs.As there is significantly less function stress and less performing a long time,and that means you aren't going to be weary a great deal and might prepare yourself to get greater federal government occupation exams.You can give plenty of time frame for the study to get greater possibility within the us government sector because you are any BTech.Thus,you ought to change to get the bank occupation if perhaps you cannot find any lucrative offer you forthcoming your means by the application world.
    If you wish to have a permanent occupation,then indeed federal government occupation is the better option.Apart out of tons of employment opportunities additionally, you will have great income package.But the only real negative factor is actually,the fact that occupation is going to be tad monotonous.If you've got no issue with that,then you certainly must become a member of the career without having delay the way it will be sure to definite tons of employment opportunities together with fairly great income package.

    However,about marketing and advertising,your range is a bit more within the non-public sector when compared to federal government sector.In govt.sector to recieve marketing and advertising,you'll need to sit for written examination.Working a long time is usually preset within financial institutions,which in turn may also be good to get you.So when complete,apart from function range,occupation of an worker inside of a traditional bank is a bit more relaxing together with significantly less function burden.
    If you wish to have marketing and advertising then the two main affordable publicized to Probationary Policeman article which can be when

    You meet the requirements CWE PO exam along with meeting process ejaculate GD around along with have this article specifically within one of the following 20 financial institutions which in turn they are under IBPS along with the 2011 IBPS CWE PO is going to be carried out close to May 2013 to make sure that you probably should start groundwork due to this exam along with should you put together due to this then it wouldn't take quite a long time for instance some other manner of becoming PO within traditional bank along with specifically you will definitely get official article within bank

    You become a member of the bank as being a worker and commence groundwork to get retail exam you'll also find to meet the requirements a pair of diverse checks within just 2 decades you'll have marketing and advertising to PO article out of worker and several aspect furthermore makes a difference of your performance within traditional bank through worker occupation to make sure that i have to propose anyone that you should apply for CWE PO specifically recruiting exam plus apply for inner examination of financial institutions along with maintain the groundwork proceed and have the career.

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