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    Good incentives but low salary in Marketing and Sales Job

    Doing marketing and sales job has many benefits but loads of disadvantages. One of them is that in this profile a candidate is provided with low package but high incentives though which is good for a short time period but if we talk about a career profile; this does not work for long.

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    Re: Good incentives but low salary in Marketing and Sales Job

    You you are right, actually this job is not a conventional type of job where you have to work and paid a fixed salary.

    Due to which it has disadvantage but due to this structure it has a big advantage that you can earn very well if you perform well.

    Its just like the better you work the better you are paid.

    As a sales person another advantage is that you have current and huge knowledge of the respective business.

    So if you are feared that you will not be able to have a good career in future you have a option to start your own small work where you can apply your

    knowledge and have a much secured future.

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