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    Is it good to go for Modelling in middle of my Bachelor course?

    I have always aimed to be an engineer. So I pursued Mechanical Engineering in IIT. I am also a good looking guy with some dancing skills. In our Annual Function one of the choreographer suggested me to go for modelling. He was explaining about the career and its opportunities in Film Industry which was very motivating. I need a suggestion from you whether it is right or not to go for Modelling.

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    Re: Is it good to go for Modelling in middle of my Bachelor course?

    As you have said that you have always aimed to be an engineer than why you want to go for modelling. See you are studying in one of the most prestigious institutes for engineering in India for which you would have done very much hard work as it was your dream. So why you want to change things now just because some one came you and told you that you can go in other field which have great career opportunities. See all fields have great career opportunities but the thing that matters is your interest. He could be right about film industry but is not an easy thing to get that career which he is speaking about. You will have to do lot of hard work and struggle to make a career in this field.

    See ultimately the decision is yours but it involves a huge risk of leaving a degree and going for a modelling. You must have a plan or you must first analyze the possibilities before taking any decision like if suppose you are not able to make a career in modelling than what you have with you at that state. See don't take modelling and film industry an easy task, merely having looks is not sufficient to survive in the industry. So be very much careful while taking any decision because once you leave your degree you will not get another chance to continue the same.

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    Re: Is it good to go for Modelling in middle of my Bachelor course?


    No, you should complete your Engineering degree from the IIT first. It should always be your
    first priority in life. Very few people get the opportunity to study at the prestigious Indian Institute
    of Technology so you should no loose this golden opportunity. You can always join the Modelling industry
    at later stages of your career.

    For the time being just focus your IIT degree and nothing else. You have a very bright career ahead of you.


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    Re: Is it good to go for Modelling in middle of my Bachelor course?

    Being in IIT and pursuing mechanical engineering how can you think of leaving this golden laying hen types course?
    You are in IIT and this is lucrative enough to hold you right with your graduation!
    With the completion of your b.tech your degree followed by the career proves promising and successful but in case of modelling you would first have struggle day and night and that too no body knows that for how many years one will have to struggle!
    So what we conclude is there is not at all any certainty of a successful career in modelling.
    but , since it is fascinating you a lot then do one thing first get done with your graduation and become a successful engineer soonafter that you can try in other field as well.. there you would not only have the job and career security even you wont ever regret later in your life .
    I hope this would bring a change in your perception.
    take wise decision!
    good luck!

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    Re: Is it good to go for Modelling in middle of my Bachelor course?

    Hello friend,
    Its good to be multi-talented. You are pursuing your engineering degree from a reputed college, it means that you are good in studies too.
    As per my views you should not opt for modelling in middle of your degree. First try to get job in good multi national company . When you are selected for the job then you will have job security. That means even if you fail in modelling carrier then you would have a company waiting for your joining.
    When you complete your degree then there are some months left free for joining letter to come. So in that time you can think of for going to modeling carrier .If you manage to make position in that stream then its better, but if fail to manage their then you can join the company.
    Best of luck for your bright future.

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    Re: Is it good to go for Modelling in middle of my Bachelor course?

    Hello friend
    As you said that you are good in dancing and you are the head choreographer in the annual function it seems then you have a talent .so for my suggestion is to you that after finishing you engineering degree you must applied in the Hindi film industry or you can also apply in the drama school for Finnish you talent of became a actor in the film industry but after finish your engineering because if you are apply at that time then you’ll be not able to finish your engineering degree in a proper way.
    Thanking you

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