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    Good appraisal causing differences between my friend and me

    I am working in a private firm. Recently during the annual appraisal of our company , I received a good appraisal while my friend just got an average appraisal. And now to this my friend is behaving weirdly with me and ignoring me most of the time. Thus this has led to differences cropping between us. How to deal with such a situation?

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    Re: Good appraisal causing differences between my friend and me

    Hi aspirant

    Your friend should have rather been a part of your happiness than behave in such a weird manner with you and causing a fallout between both of you. If he was your true friend, he should have not behaved in this manner and should have rather supported you and congratulated you on your success. He should definitely not have ignored you in this manner. You should talk this out with him and should resolve this matter as soon as possible.

    Tell him that you have noticed that since you got a good appraisal, he has been behaving weirdly with you and ignoring you most of the times. You cannot withstand such behaviour anymore and want to know his problem since you don't think that you have done anything wrong to him. If he is behaving with you in this manner just because he is jealous of you getting a good appraisal, then its better that he should discontinue being friends with you. True and good friends don't behave in this manner and you hope that he will find some other good friend .

    If he has some shame he willdefinitely apologize to you and then you can accept his apology. But if not then you don't continue friendship with him teaching him a lesson. Good luck and thanks

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    Re: Good appraisal causing differences between my friend and me

    -->this is really weird and obvious too
    -->you should directly talk to him about the different behaviour of him
    -->make him understand that these appraisal are in one own's hand no one else is involve in tha
    --> you will perform good then you will get good appraisal
    -->make him understand that it is not your fault

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