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    Going for second attempt for IVF, leave balance exhausted

    I am working with a PR agency for the last 5 years. First IVF attempt didnít succeed even after spending hefty amount. I have already exhausted my savings and while seeking advance, I had an argument with my immediate bosses. Should I have a word with the top brass but at the same time, I want to keep things under wraps as it is the second attempt.

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    Re: Going for second attempt for IVF, leave balance exhausted

    Dear friend..

    I can understand your problem....

    As your a senior employer in your company...you will have more responsibilities when compared to others..so it is your duty to inform your boss...

    If he/she is not ready to grant leave then go for top boss and explain the situation....i hope he will understand the same because for becoming the top boss he would have faced many situations like this and will have an idea regarding this..

    If he grants you leave...well and good if not say them frankly that you don't have any other option expect leaving the job for your future...

    Because children are very important in our life..everything is next to them...already it is second attempt..you should be very careful..

    But while going on leave, handover the job responsibility to the person who is appointed in your place..

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