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    Getting a very meagre salary even after 25 years of experience

    I am B.Tech in Civil. I have 25 years of job experience and even after this much experience , I am getting a very meagre salary. I am working in a small private firm now. My biggest mistake was to leave my government job and get into private sector. Even my family is very upset with me. How to get out of this situation?

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    Re: Getting a very meagre salary even after 25 years of experience

    As you are highly experienced in your field you should be paid well for your work.

    If you think that you are not paid enough for what you do the first thing you can do is that go and ask your boss about increment in the salary.

    As at some places until you go and ask for such increments you won't get it.

    If you don't get satisfactory response from them than you should apply to other places that values your experience as 25 years is really a

    commendable experience.

    If you don't want to leave the job due to any personal reasons than you should think of generating other sources of income like you can invest

    your money, or you can also start a small business for yourself in which you feel your comfort and can also handle with your job. And at time when

    you think that you are getting much with your own work than you can completely shift to it.

    It will also help you to maintain a source of income when you get retired from the job and also will keep you actively involved in work after your


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    Re: Getting a very meagre salary even after 25 years of experience


    You have not done any big mistake....
    What you have to do is, evaluate yourself....if you have 25 years of experiance then why you are there now...why your salary is not getting hiked as you thought...

    That means there are some thing which is there...it might be your lack of confidence...lack of expertise knowledge...lack of tecj=hnical knowledge...may be you are not updated with the trends....

    Why don't you change your job...try for a new job... you will certainly get a jump..

    Sorry for any word that might be hurting you...
    That is reality...there are a lot of people like you...don't let you behind the door...

    wake up and come to the front...

    Yes, you can do...

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