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    Getting scolding due to late repairing of the machines by the mechanics

    I am the manager of a private company. There are lot of machines which becomes faulty at times and it gets delayed to be repaired since suitable mechanics are not available. But my boss does not understands this and starts scolding me. How to deal with this situation?

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    Re: Getting scolding due to late repairing of the machines by the mechanics

    See as it is your duty to try and complete assignments as fast as possible, similarly your boss thinks that his duty is to maintain things in pace by whatever means he can apply and thus he tries to maintain pressure on the employees so that the pace of the work can be maintained. Imagine if your boss doesn't maintains such pressure than will it be possible that the pace with which you are working right now could be maintained. See you must not think about such things much. He has given you the post of the manager which means that he knows that you can handle things well and thus you are still working as a manager in the company. There are different types of bosses with different personalities and thus they device their own way to do things. Thus you must not get stressed and think much about scolding of your boss. See you also know that you are working with full
    dedication and giving your best so you don't need to be afraid of any thing. If he asks about any delay give him the reason whether he understands or not. Take it as your duty and don't be much stressed.

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    Re: Getting scolding due to late repairing of the machines by the mechanics

    You are the manager so you should be like the manager because your boss know that work should be done soon so you also have to show your strength that you can in business line and order each employee or mechanic to work faster and finish as soon as possible

    One more thing that there is no problem about fund because your company will pay all expenses will be spent in repairing all machines so you should hire some more mechanics so they could complete the work early and you could present yourself in front of the boss soon so think positive and if you will not be with workers then they will definitely delay in completing work so you should leave your chair and just keep watching their work and force them to work faster because you are paying enough and when your boss can scold you then you should take advantage of your post to complete work as soon as possible

    If you see that there are some machines in the company that are out of order or will definitely be out of order then you should watch them yourself and call mechanic from the company and keep them working all time so you will not get burden of work at once and this will create very good and cool environment for you to complete all work related to machines etc.

    All the best

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    Re: Getting scolding due to late repairing of the machines by the mechanics

    take directly your boss to the the machine where the repair happened and explain him what will be its adverse affects if they are not repaired and ask him to repair it as soon as possible as it may create an adverse affect.
    if he doesn't listen ask him you will bring a mechanic but he should pay the money for the repair.
    thank you.............

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